15 terms

Bio 121 Lab 6 part 2

What process is occurring in the apical meristem (zone of cell division)?
What does dermal tissue become?
what does the ground tissue become?
endodermis and cortex
what does the vascular tissue produce?
xylum, phloem, stele, pericycle, pith
What is the area called where root hairs can be seen?
zone of differentiation
Do the root hairs extend all the way to the tip of the root?
No, because those cells are not differentiated/mature
Where does branch roots originate on the main root?
comes off of the vascular tissue
How do branch roots differ from root hairs?
branch roots originate from the vascular tissue, while root hairs originate from the epidermis.
Why is it an advantage that plant roots and branch roots can grow almost indefinitely?
this is an advantage because the plant can continue growing upward and downward and outward to get to more sources of water and minerals.
What is the obvious difference between a stem tip and a root tip?
a stem tip is above ground and it has leaves
Is there a stem cap over the apical meristem located on the stem?
How does where branches off of the main stem originate compare to where branch roots form?
they both grow from the vascular tissue
What is the eye of a potato? Is the potato root or stem?
it is a bud and it is a stem
What difference can be observed if the terminal bud is removed?
the plant will grow wider because the hormone produce by the terminal bud inhibited the growth of the terminal buds. Now that it is gone, the terminal buds can grow and they grow outward.
What do the rings in a woody plant indicate?