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Chemical change

Change in matter that produces a new substance with different properties from the original


Chemical combination of two or more elements

Ex: Rust

Chemical formula

Way of using letters and numbers to show how much of each element is in a substance

Covalent bond

When two atoms SHARE ELECTRONS

Ionic bond

When one atom "STEALS" an ELECTRON from another atom

Ex: Salt


Original Substances in a chemical reaction (behind arrow)


New substances formed in a chemical reaction (in front of arrow)

Synthesis reaction

2 elements or compounds JOIN TOGETHER to make a new compound

A + B --> AB

Decomposition Reaction

A compound BREAKS APART into simpler substances

AB --> A + B

Replacement Reaction

One element REPLACES another element in a compound

BX + A --> AX + B

Chemical property

Way of describing a substance by how it reacts chemically to other substances


pH less than 7; sour, corrosive, burns skin, wears away metal

Grapefruits, lemons, battery acid, vinegar



pH greater than 7; bitter, usually poisonous, dissolves hair, wool, and grease

Drain cleaner, shampoo, bathtub cleaner



Chemical reactions that ABSORB ENERGY


Chemical reactions that GIVE OFF HEAT

Hydrogen and Oxygen

2 atoms (elements) that make up a molecule of water

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