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13 terms

Medix-Red mod theory

Conference call
Telephone call that is operator assisted and includes several physicians at seperate offices.
The technical terminology or characteristics idion of a particual group
Telephone Log
Used to kee record of incoming telephone calls so that no message is overlooked
System that selects the order of patients to recieve urgent medical treatment
Screening calls
Selecting which calls should be forwarded to which staff memeber through an undetsntaning of the purpose of the call
Active listening
Giving the same attention to the person on the phone as would be given in person, concentraton, discover vital information
Type of communication tool which is best used to record verbal messages
Cell Phone
Type of communication tool that is best for two-way communication
A change in pitch
The choice of words with regards to clearness
The highness and lowness of sound
Articulation of clear sounds
Blue Pages
Federal, state, county and city government pages in the telephone directory