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CMJ Huck Finn 8-25

Chapter 8
Escape, canoe
Explain why the cannon is important in this chapter.
because they believed it woudl make dead bodies, if they were under water, float to the top
Why are Huck's friends and family on the ferryboat?
because they all know about Huck's "murder" and wanted to help search for his remains
How does Huck discover that Jim is also on Jackson's Island?
he stumbles upon a campfire one day and later goes back to see who made it and there he finds Jim
What promise does Huck make to Jim? Use a quote.
that he won't tell about Jim running away, "Well I did, I said I wouldn't and I'll stick to it. Honest."
Why has Jim left Miss Watson?
because he was afraid Mrs. Watson was going to sell him to a slave trader in New Orleans
How is Jim feeling as the chapter closes? Use a quote.
Jim is happy to be free and at least have his safety. "Yes-en I's rich now come to look at it."
Chapter 9
Explain how Huck and Jim get shelter and transportation.
they found shelter in a cavarn in a hill in the middle of the island and transportation in a canoe
What "gastly" thing does Jim find in the boating house?
a dead man
Why won't he let Huck see this?
because the man had been dead a couple of days and he was naked
What conclusion can you draw about this incident? What does it say about Huck and/or Jim?
Jim is looking out for Huck. They are becoming pals.
List at least 5 important things they find on the house..
heaps of old greasy cards, 2 old dirty calico dresses, old wiskey bottles, a sun bonnet, boy's old straw hat, an old tin lantern, a hatchet, a butcher knife without a handle
Chapter 10
What is important about the snakeskin Huck finds?
Jim said it was the worst bad luck, but Huck doesn't think so because they found all this stuff. It promots him to play a trick on Jim that's turns out to be bad.
Explain the trick Huck plays on Jim.
He kills a snake and curls it up at the end of Jim's bed
Explain the consequences of this trick.
The snake's mate comes looking for the dead snake and winds up biting Jim on the heel
What does this trick show you about how Huck sees Jim?
as a scaredy-cat, but they have a comfortable relationship
Why does Huck dress up like a girl?
so he can go into to town and not be recognized
Chapter 11
What information does Huck get from the woman at the farmhouse - about Huck?
He's a murder victom killed by his father or Jim
What information does Huck get from the woman at the farmhouse - about Jim?
There's a $300 bounty on him
What information does Huck get from the woman at the farmhouse - about Pap?
There's a $200 reward for him
Explain what is humorous about this chapter besides the fact that Huck is pretending to be a girl.
He says his name is Sarah at first then says it's Mary Williams. When she calls him on it he says his name is Sarah Mary Williams.
Why does Huck rush back to Jackson's Island?
he gets scared because of everything that is happening and the fact that they are looking for Jim and Huck now
What happens that shows how much Jim trusts Huck?
Jim doesn't ask questions he just believes Huck and they pack up and leave
Chapter 12
Why does Huck insist that he and Jim go aboard the wrecked steamboat?
because they might find something they could use like money and it would be an adventure
What do Huck and Jim find on the wrecked steamboat?
a gang of murderers
How are Huck and Jim surprised at the end of the chapter?
their raft had floated away while they were on the steamboat
Chapter 13
How do Huck and Jim get away from the wrecked steamboat?
they took the gang's skiff
Why does Huck find and talk to the ferryboat watchman? What does Huck want him to do?
He says his family is stranded on the wrecked steamboat and he wants the watchman to go rescue them.
What should we assume happened to the robbers that were on the steamboat?
They died
Chapter 14
Explain Jim's views on King Solomon especially at the bottom of page 81.
He didn't think he was very wise. He wouldn't live with so many wives and kids and all the craziness. He also thought he was crazy to suggest they chop the child in half when both women claimed the child. He figured it was because he had so many that one kid didn't matter much to him???
Jim and Huck argue about how French people talk. What is Huck's side of the argument?
he says the French talk different and it's okay
What is Jim's side of the argument?
that's its ridiculous for them to talk like that
What does Huck conclude at the end of this chapter?
there is no use in arguing with Jim
Chapter 15
Huck learns a lesson
Explain how Huck and Jim get separated on the river.
there was a bad fog and Huck paddled ahead in the canoe to tie up the raft but the rope snapped and they got separated and he couldn't see the raft
Explain the trick Huck plays on Jim.
he makes Jim think he dreamed it all
What lesson does Jim teach Huck when he realizes he's been tricked? Use a quote.
it's wrong to play tricks on people and make them feel bad, "This stuff here is TRASH. And trash is what people are who play dirty tricks on their friends and make them feel ashamed"
Why is it so hard for Huck to apologize to Jim? Use a quote.
it was hard to apologize to a nig**, "It took me fifteen minutes to work myself up to apologize to a nig**. But I did it, and I wasn't ashamed of it afterwards"
Chapter 16
How does Huck struggle with his conscience in this chapter? What 2 choices does he have?
he struggles with the fact that he helped Jim run away from Mrs. Watson, his choices are 1) turn Jim in, 2) let him keep running
What is the outcome of this struggle? What decision does he make?
to let Jim keep running and try to be free
Explain why he changes the decision he makes.
he says he doesn't have the courage of a rabbit???
Explain what Huck's attitude is about right and wrong in the last full paragraph on page 94. Use quotes.
He decided not to worry about what's right and wrong because the outcome seems to be the same and it's troubling to do right, "It's so troubling to do right, and no harm comes from doing wrong. And the results are just the same anyway."
What news do Huck and Jim get about Cairo?
What other bad luck do Huck and Jim have at the end of the chapter? How does the chapter end?
Their raft gets run over by a steamboat? Hucks gets ashore and sees a house but he's stopped by some dogs
Chapter 17
What new identity does Huck assume in this chapter?
George Jackson
Why are the people he meets so cautious and unfriendly at first?
They think he's from the Sheperdson clan
Describe the Grangerford home.
Impressive, fancy furniture, carpet, large
Describe the "crayon pictures" hung on the walls in the house.
they were all about death and sadness
Who drew the pictures?
the dead daughter
What else does the artist do?
wrote poems
Chapter 18
Name and identify the members of the Grangerford family.
buck, Emmeline, Sohpia, Col.
What do they have in common with the Shepherdsons?
they share a dock (steamboat landing)
What is Buck able to tell Huck about the reasons for the family feud?
30 years ago, goes back a long time
What does Huck help Miss Sophia do in this chapter?
get her Bible
What nice surprise does Huck get in this chapter?
he is reconnected with Jim
What happens to Miss Sophia?
she runs away to get married
What tragedy occurs in this chapter?
Buck and his family are killed
Describe with a quote Huck's feelings as chapter 18 closes.
"You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft."
Chapter 19
The newcomers
Describe life on the raft.
Easy going, peaceful, calm, renewing
Describe the 2 new passengers.
First guy is 70+ years old and second is 30 years old
Explain how Huck feels about them at the end of the chapter.
Liers, low down. He is afraid of them
Chapter 20
What plan does the group have to make money?
They plan to put on a play
Why do the king, the duke, and Huck go ashore?
To see where they can make money
Why can't Jim go ashore?
He's a runaway and they don't want him to get caught
How does the king make some money in this chapter?
Goes to church and takes their money by convincing them with a false salvation story
Explain why the duke makes a wanted poster.
So they will be able to travel during the day
Chapter 21
What is funny about the soliloquy in this chapter?
He messes it up so bad
Explain the show the group plans to for the town.
Shakespeare, Scene from Romeo and Julliet
What is the problem between Boggs and Sherburn?
Boggs was the town drunk and he kept badmouthing Sherburn
How is this problem resolved?
Sherburn shoots Boggs
Chapter 22
Mob scene
Briefly sum up the speech Colonel Sherburn makes to the mob on pages148-149.
Calls them all cowards. They won't do anything in the daytime. They don't want trouble they're just following a "half man" Buck Harkess.
According to Colonel Sherburn, what is "the pitifulest thing out is a mob', (149). Why does he say this is true?
They borrow courage from each other - they can't do it by themselves
What is the mob's reaction to the Colonel's speech?
They scatter
Where does Huck go after this scene? Why do you think he goes there?
Circus. Because he's a kid and wants to have fun.
What happens when they finally put on the "Shakespearean Revival"?
Just a few people come
The king and the duke's new show, The Royal Nonesuch, is advertised this
way: "Ladies and children not admitted." Why is it advertised like this?
To give it some intrige and attract more people.
Chapter 23
What is the Royal Nonesuch show like?
Weird and strange, naked king
What is the result of the first performance of The Royal Nonesuch?
Everyone thought it was funny at first but when they only did the one scene and closed the curtain the audience felt cheated. But they didn't want to feel like fools so they told everyone else to go see it.
What is the result of the second performance?
The house was packed again and they did the same thingl
Why isn't there a third performance of The Royal Nonesuch?
The king and duke knew everyone was mad and they were going to throw things at them so they skipped out
How do we know that the duke and the king have done this before?
Because the king asked how it panned out "this time" indicating that there had been another time
What does Jim now think of the king and the duke?
rapscallions, he doesn't like them
How does Huck explain their behavior?
That's how all kings have acted throughout history. That's just the way they are.
What story does Jim tell at the end of this chapter?
about how he mistreated his daughter because he thought she wasn't doing what he told her to do but then he found out she was completely deaf and just didn't hear him
What insight into Jim's character does it give us?
He has a temper but he's also very caring. He wasn't being mean just to be mean. He's a loving father.
Chapter 24
What does the duke do to Jim that allows him to remain unchained while on the raft?
they painted him blue and put a sign up that said "sick Arab"
What do they do with some of the money they earned for the Nonesuch?
bought some clothes to make them look better
Where are they going when they meet a young man on page 161?
to go on a steamboat ride
What new identity does the king give Huck?
his servant, Adolphus
What information does the king get out of the young man they meet?
That a man has died who is rich and has left everything to his borthers but the brothers haven't shown up yet. They young man thought the king was the brother when he first saw him.
What new scam has the king cooked up by the end of the chapter?
He plans to pretend to be the brothers
Record the last sentence of the chapter and explain Huck's feelings.
" It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race." He was disgusted with the way the king was behaving, the way he was pretending to be all upset and crying when it was all just an act.
Chapter 25
Whom do the king and the duke meet early in this chapter?
the three daughters
On page 167 Huck says, "I never see anything so disgusting." To what is he referring?
He's disgusted with the way everyone is acting at the funeral, espcially the king, duke, and the daughters.
Why do the king and the duke go into the Wilks's cellar?
to get the money from the will
What evidences of the duke and the king's GREED do we see in this chapter?
What observations does Dr. Robinson make about the duke and the king at the end of the chapter?
That they are scoundrels and ignorant. They are the thinnest kind of imposters and have come with just names and facts they picked up along the way as proof.
What is Mary Jane's reaction to these observations?
She believes the king and not the doctor and gives the money to the king "to invest"