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OQ Amendments 11-27

Eleventh Amendment
Individual States cannot be sued in Federal Courts
Twelfth Amendment
Electors are to choose the President and the Vice-President seperately
Thirteenth Amendment
Slavery Abolished
Fourteenth Amendment
Blacks are citizens
Fifteenth Amendment
Black males are given suffrage
Sixteenth Amendment
Income Taxes made constitutional
Seventeenth Amendment
Direct Election of Senators
Eighteenth Amendment
Nineteenth Amendment
Women's Suffrage
Twentieth Amendment
Lame Duck Amendment
Twenty-First Amendment
Alcohol is legal
Twenty-Second Amendment
Only two terms for President (10yrs. Maximum)
Twenty-Third Amendment
Electors for Washington DC
Twenty-Fourth Amendment
No Poll Taxes
Twenty-Fifth Amendment
Presidential Succession and Disability
Twenty-Sixth Amendment
Voting age changed to 18
Twenty-Seventh Amendment
Restricting Congressional Pay Raises