Chapter 14-Custards, Creams and Sauces

Stirred custard
The more eggs and richer cream vs. milk with amounts of sugar used the thicker and richer the custard. Stirred custard tends to be soft, rich and creamy.
Baked custard
The texture and richness depends on the amount of eggs used in correlation to the richness of the cream vs. milk and sugar. Baked Custards are usually prepared in a water bath in the oven, is usually firm enough to unmold and slice.
Vanilla custard sauce
Creme Anglaise
Is a stirred custard made with eggs yolks, sugar and milk or half and half, flavored by vanilla bean or extract in a pot on top of the stove or over a bain marie then tempering the mixture but it can be flavored with chocolate, liqueur, ground nuts or extracts. Can be used as a dessert sauce, incorporated into a complex dessert or eaten alone.
Pastry cream
Creme Patissiere
Is a stirred custard made from eggs yolks, sugar and milk and thickened with starch (flour or cornstarch or a combination of the two) Butter is added to enrich it's taste> Pastry cream can be boiled unlike Vanilla custard sauce (creme anglaise) and the flour will gelatinize. It can be flavored with chocolate, liqueur, ground nuts or extracts. It is used for filling eclairs, cream puffs, napoleons, fruit tarts and other pastries
Curd fillings
Usually lemon or lime stirred custard
(za -by- on) A foamy stirred custard made by whisking eggs, sugar and wine over low heat.
either a sweet or savory fluffy dish made with a custard base lightened with whipped egg whites and then baked, the egg whites cause the dish to puff when baked.
Bavarian cream
a sweet dessert mixture made by thickening custard sauce with gelatin and then folding in whipped cream, the final product is poured into a mold and chilled until firm.
A soft, creamy food, either sweet or savory, lightened by adding whipped cream or whipped egg whites or both.
Creme Chantilly
Heavy cream whipped to soft peaks and flavored with vanilla and sugar used to garnish pastries or desserts or folded into cooled custards or pastry cream for fillings.
A dessert made in a mold lined with ladyfingers and filled with a custard cream stabilized with gelatin.
pureed fruit sauces, minimal processing using the freshest fruit.
A county style dessert from France and is similar to a quiche; stone fruits such as cherries, peaches or plums are baked in an egg custard and served piping hot or at room temperature.