Chapter 12 - Pastry Elements

Squares or strips of éclair paste deep fried and then dusted with powdered sugar.
A Mexican or Spanish pastry in which sticks of éclair paste are flavored with cinnamon, then deep-fried and rolled in sugar when still hot.
Common (or French) Meringue
Whipped egg whites and sugar.
Cream puffs
Éclair paste piped into rounds and filled with cream.
Thin, unleavened pancakes made with a very liquid egg batter cooked in a small, very hot sauté pan or crêpe pan.
Crêpes flambées (krayp flahm-BAY)
a dessert preparation consisting of thin pancakes filled with fruit, jam or other fillings served flaming; produced by igniting brandy, rum or other liquor so that the alcohol burns off and the flavor of the liquor is retained.
A pyramid of small puffs, each filled with pastry cream.
A Dutch pastry in which a loop or strip of twisted éclair paste is deep-fried.
One of the nut meringues, where ground nuts and a starch are folded into meringue before baking.
Baked fingers of éclair paste filled with pastry cream: the top is coated with chocolate glaze or fondant.
Éclair paste flavored with cheese or herbs, baked and served as hors d'oeuvre.
Italian Meringue
Hot sugar syrup poured into whipped egg whites.
Refers to both a basic mixture of egg whites and sugar or a confection or cake baked from this preparation.
Ring of baked éclair paste cut in half horizontally, filled with cream and topped with powdered sugar or drizzled with glaze.
Pâte à choux or éclair paste
A soft dough that produces hollow baked products with crisp exteriors; used for making éclairs, cream puffs and savory products.
Oceania's favorite dessert, it is a fruit tart with a meringue base piled with whipped cream and filled with strawberries or kiwi, and usually topped with a passion fruit purée.
Phyllo dough
Greek for "thin sheet or leaf" it is made of flour, water, a bit of oil and eggs.
Rich, hollow muffins made from a rich egg batter.
Small baked rounds of éclair paste filled with ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce.
German for swirl, or whirlpool, a type of pastry made with thin layers of dough, rolled around a fruit filling.
Swiss Meringue
Warm egg whites to 100 degree Fahrenheit, then whip with sugar.
The process of slowly adding a hot liquid to eggs or other foods to raise their temperature without curdling.
A baked meringue disc, or cake layered with ice cream.
Soft meringue
a low sugar content relative to the eggs creates a soft meringue; soft meringues can be folded into a mousse or Bavarian to lighten it or can be used in a spongecake or souffle.
Hard meringue
is made with egg whites and an equal part or more, by weight, sugar; it can be included in a buttercream, pastry cream or to top a pie or Baked Alaska (they can be browned using a salamander or a torch)
Phyllo dough
Phyllo means "thin sheet or leaf" and it is made from water, flour and eggs with a bit of oil. They are usually bought instead of made as it can take years to learn how to get it so thin. It is used for baklava, and assorted appetizers. Keep covered when using with a damp paper towel as they dry out very quickly.
A Russian pastry made from phyllo dough and filled with nuts and spices.

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