Civics Topic 6: Organization of the U.S. Constitution

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Executive Branchthe branch of government that carries out the laws made by the legislative branchJudicial Branchthe branch of government that interprets the laws and the Constitution'We the People of the United States' meanspopular sovereignty'In Order to form a more perfect Union' meansto have a stronger government than what we had before with the Articles of Confederation.'establish Justice' meansmake laws and set up courts that are fair'insure domestic tranquility' means...keep peace within the country'provide for the common defense' meansprotect the country from other countries or people that might try to harm us'promote the general Welfare' meansensure basic rights for all citizens'and secure the Blessings of Liberty' meansfreedom to live as you please, as long as you obey the laws and respect the rights of others'to ourselves and our Posterity' means...for us and future generations'do ordain and establish' meansapprove and give authority to'this Constitution for the United States of America.' meanswritten plan of government and laws for this country

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