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planted lima beans, started gardens
watched Kim plant beans, too old to plant in garden
watches over and takes care of Ana, helps Kim's plants, makes a little garden of his own, southern American white man who is a janitor at a grammar school, helpful, a good friend and determined, "School janitors take too much bossing all week to listen to an extra helping on the weekends......"
Guatemalan who baby sits uncle Tio Juan, caring, kind and loving to his uncle, takes care of his uncle and takes him to the garden, "The older you are, the younger you get...."
a reference within a literary text to person, place or event outside the story (usually referring to something or someone well-known or famous)
"Tommy is the Michael Jordan of our team" or "That building looks as tall as the Eiffel Tower"
there are two ways in which the author reveals character traits to the reader
direct characterization
the author tells or states the traits of the character
indirect characterization
the author shows the traits of a character through his words, actions, or through other characters
a way a person talks that identifies them as part of a group or from a particular place may include specific vocabulary, grammar, or accent
dynamic character
a character that grows and changes during a story
figurative language
language that is not meant to be taken literally or word for word, you must go beyond the dictionary meaning of the words to understand the meaning of figurative language
an exaggerated expression not meant to be taken literally
"It took me forever to finish my homework last night."
refers to the technique of implying something very different from what one is actually saying; expecting one thing but getting the opposite
"A professional scuba diver drowns in a bathtub."
a comparison between two unlike things that does NOT cantain "like" or "as"
"Sally was a beautiful rose in her pink dress."
a figure of speech in which human qualities are attributed to a non-human object
"The wind whispered and cried in my ears."
a comparison between two unlike things that does contain "like" or "as"
"Sally was like a beautiful flower in her pink dress."
static character
a character who remains the same and does not change throughout the novel
static character
to think of a group in a too simple way by not considering individual differences
"All girls like to shop. All boys like to play sports."
a person, place, object, or event that stands for some abstract idea
"a heart symbolizes love, an owl symbolizes wisdom"
the central idea or main message, the lesson the author wants the reader to learn
the attitude or feeling toward the subject expressed in a work such as joyful, sad, scary, suspenseful, serious, playful, etc
African, middle aged, tough, smart sassy, gets the lot clean of garbage and plants goldenrod, "I was definitely real...."
11 years old, from Haiti and her dad drives a taxi for a living, kind of lazy but responsible, plants and grows lettuce so his dad can sell it, "Save our lettuce...."
Sae Young
she becomes lonely and needs to be around people, she changes at the site of the lot, she is used to a lot of people, needs someone to care for her and she takes time to change, buys funnels, starts her own garden and brings herself back, "Feel part of the garden. Almost like family..."
is 28 years old, lost his girlfriend that loves tomatoes, strong and nice, planted tomatoes, "Can't stop people calling me Atlas or Ceps...."
sweet British nurse, takes care of a crippled man, helpful and sweet, takes care of an old man in a nursing home, "The other nurses don't take him out for a walk that much....."
pregnant 16 year old from Mexico, feels like there is nothing left in life, 7 months pregnant, plants swiss chard, "So shoot me and get it over with. I wouldn't actually care if you did."
came to US in 1980, runs a fabric store, is originally from INdia, married, misses home, once stopped a criminal, grows eggplants, "The garden's green was a soothing to the eye as the deep blue of the rug....."
planted pumpkins with a kid who he paid and gave him a place to sleep
gives smiles and makes conversations to help bring people together
from Louisiana, author- made himself a chapter with his characteristics, one of the seedfolks, has to miss out on a garden because of arthritis in her hands but feels a part of the garden because she watched it grow