Chapter 17 Quiz

Through such works as his Plurality of Worlds, Bernard de Fontenelle
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Mozart took his place in the pantheon of composers because of hisapparently effortless blend of grace, emotion, and precision.Edward Gibbon concluded that the decline and fall of Romewas in part caused by Rome's adoption of the Christian faith.During the eighteenth century, lower-class criminals condemned to death were oftendrawn-and-quartered.The Jesuits were finally dissolved by papal decree becausetheir high profile successes created many jealous enemies.John Wesley incurred the animosity of Anglican Church officials becausehis services were often filled with excessive emotional enthusiasm.The philosophes felt that emotion was the most important guide to human action.FalseVoltaire believed God created natural laws that run the universe, but that God had no active involvement after his initial handiwork.TrueMary Wollstonecraft argued that if women were capable of reason they should have the same rights as men.TrueBy the end of the eighteenth century, there was an increase in capital punishment.FalseMethodism focused on the religious needs of the upper classes.False