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  1. Removing Staples
  2. Objective
  3. Agenda
  4. Locked
  5. Clinical Diagnosis
  1. a This should be done to the patient's medical records when leaving the office
  2. b Topics to be discussed during a meeting
  3. c This is involved in conditioning medical records
  4. d Symptoms that can be seen
  5. e Diagnosis based solely on the evaluation of the health history of the patient and the physical exam findings.

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  1. What is the reason for the visit described as?
  2. Who introduced SOAP notes?
  3. Name of a management style also known as a dictatorship
  4. Slots in the schedule left open for emergencies and call backs
  5. Placing items in the proper location in the filing system

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  1. Modified Wave SchedulingAn attempt is made to start and finish each appointment on time


  2. Hospital CareUsed to schedule appointments


  3. InactiveList of items ordered.


  4. IndexingDeciding where to file the letter/paper


  5. Double BookingScheduling two patients at the same time