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  1. EHR
  2. Wave Scheduling
  3. Appointment Card
  4. Diagnosis Code
  5. Inactive
  1. a An attempt is made to start and finish each appointment on time
  2. b These are used to confirm a patient's appointment
  3. c Patients who are not under the care of the physician for six months or more
  4. d Electronic Health Records
  5. e This is built into the EHR system

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  1. These are usually documented in capital letters in the chart
  2. Scheduling patients with the same medical problem on the same day
  3. Define OV
  4. Define CPE
  5. Something you should not use to correct a patient's chart

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  1. New PatientProvides an analysis and goals for patients


  2. IndefinitelyHow long must a patient's medical records be kept?


  3. Statistical DataThis may be used in the preparation of scientific papers, books, and lectures


  4. Clinical DiagnosisDiagnosis based solely on the evaluation of the health history of the patient and the physical exam findings.


  5. Active FilesThese are usually documented in capital letters in the chart