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  1. White-Out
  2. Computer
  3. Sorting
  4. Statistical Data
  5. Cross-Referencing
  1. a Something you should not use to correct a patient's chart
  2. b Arranging papers in filing sequence
  3. c This may be used in the preparation of scientific papers, books, and lectures
  4. d Used to schedule appointments
  5. e A notation indicating there is something that needs to be filed elsewhere

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  1. Slots in the schedule left open for emergencies and call backs
  2. How long must a patient's medical records be kept?
  3. Define NP
  4. These are used to confirm a patient's appointment
  5. In terminal digit filing, how are the numbers read?

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  1. Tickler FilePatients who are currently under the physician's care


  2. Alphabetic FilingWhat is the oldest filing system?


  3. ObjectiveArranging papers in filing sequence


  4. Wave SchedulingAn attempt is made to start and finish each appointment on time


  5. Inconvenient Time ScheduledReason a patient may not keep an apointment