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  1. Alphabetic Filing
  2. Statistical Data
  3. Office Visit
  4. Office Policy Management
  5. Insubordination
  1. a Define OV
  2. b What is a breach of conduct that can be grounds for immediate dismissal?
  3. c Solidifies thoughts into definite policies which are the same for everyone
  4. d What is the oldest filing system?
  5. e This may be used in the preparation of scientific papers, books, and lectures

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  1. This is built into the EHR system
  2. Scheduling two patients at the same time
  3. Define CPE
  4. What is a step of employee recruitment?
  5. A representative from a pharmaceutical company

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  1. AgendaTopics to be discussed during a meeting


  2. InactivePatients who are not under the care of the physician for six months or more


  3. Left to RightIn numeric filing, how are the numbers read?


  4. SortingPlacing a mark on the paper indicating it is now ready to be filed


  5. New PatientResults Needed Immediately