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Neuro nclex

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INCREASED ICP: maintain respiratory status and prevent hypoxia; avoid administration of morphine to prevent hypoxia; maintain mechanical ventilation as prescribed. If PaCO2 at 30 to 35 , will result in vasoconstriction of the cerebral blood vessels, decreased blood flow, and therefore decreased ICP
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Client positioning following Infratentorial surgery: involves surgery below the tentorium of the brain; the HCP may prescribe a flat position without head elevation or may prescribe the head of the bed the elevated at 30 to 45°. Do not elevate head of bed in acute phase following surgery without HCP's prescription
Cervical Injury at C2 to C3 is usually fatal. C 4 is the major innervation to the diaphragm by the phrenic nerve. Involvement above C4 causes respiratory difficulty and paralysis of all four extremities. Client may have movement in the shoulder if the injury is at C-5 through C8, and may also have decreased respiratory reserve