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The act or business, through legal means (normally a written contract), of protecting and individual's person or property against loss or harm arising out of specified circumstances in return for payment


The insuring party




Written agreement between two parties(or entities)

Medical insurance(or health insurance)

Narrows down the "undesirable events" injuries and illnesses.

Preventive medicine

Keeps individuals well or catches an emergency illness in its early stages to prevent more exorbitant expenses.


Derived from the Latin word Securitas, which translates into the English word security


This law stated that if it becomes necessary to throw goods overboard to lighten the ships in case the safety of the crew became threatened.


The beginnings of modern health insurance occurred in England.


he birth if health insurance in the United States

Blue Cross

First actual insurance company in USA


Profound change


individuals having insufficient income or assets to be able to pay for adequate medical care

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