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  1. quadrants
  2. associative property of addition
  3. y-coordinate
  4. term
  5. multiplicative identity
  1. a changing the grouping of numbers will not change their sum
  2. b one
  3. c the second number in an ordered pair
  4. d the four sections that make up the coordinate plane
  5. e the parts of an expression that are separated by addition or subtraction symbols

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  1. counting numbers greater than zero
  2. opposite
  3. zero
  4. the sum of the values divided by the total number of values
  5. the number multiplied by the variable

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  1. oppositestwo numbers that have the same absolute value


  2. commutative property of additionchanging the order of numbers will not affect their sum


  3. ordered pairspoints in the coordinate plane


  4. commutative property of multiplicationchanging the order of numbers will not affect their product


  5. originthe point (0,0) where the axes meet