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  1. associative property of multiplication
  2. coordinate plane
  3. like terms
  4. absolute value
  5. constant term
  1. a identical variable parts raised to the same power
  2. b a term without a variable
  3. c changing the grouping of numbers will not chance their product
  4. d the distance between the number and zero on a number line
  5. e formed by the intersection of a horizontal number line called the x-axis and a vertical number line called the y-axis

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  1. the first number in an ordered pair
  2. multiplying a number by each part of a sum and then adding the products
  3. the parts of an expression that are separated by addition or subtraction symbols
  4. changing the order of numbers will not affect their product
  5. points in the coordinate plane

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  1. oppositestwo numbers that have the same absolute value


  2. coefficientthe point (0,0) where the axes meet


  3. associative property of additionchanging the grouping of numbers will not change their sum


  4. negative integerscounting numbers greater than zero


  5. additive inversezero