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Test No. 2

1600 to 1750
Baroque period spans the years:
Much of the Baroque music we hear today is from:
In the Baroque period, rhythm became more:
functional harmony.
One of the major developments of the Baroque period was
the bass line and continuous chords played in a Baroque composition.
The term Basso continuo refers to:
cello and harpsichord
Which two instruments would most likely have played the basso continuo in the Baroque era?
ground bass
In Baroque music, what is the form in which there is a repeated bass figure, above which the upper lines play different melodies?
stay moderately constant with changes made possible mostly through orchestration and influenced by limitations of the volume of the harpsichord
Dynamics in Baroque composition tend to:
uses major and minor keys with definite pull toward the tonic and is considered "functional harmony"
The harmony in Baroque composition?
A system of notation that uses figures below a base line to indicate harmonies to be played
Figured base refers to?
What country was the center of the Baroque particularly in the beginning of the opera?
elaborate staging and sets
Baroque Italian opera Ceria had the following characteristic?
Drama set to music?
Operatic equivalent to dramatic dialogue is?
An extended piece for a solo singer having more musical elaboration and a steadier pulse than recitative
An aria is?
Claudio Monteverdi
The composer of the coronation of Poppea?
stylized dances
Pieces written in the form or style of dance music but meant for listening, not dancing
was growing
During the baroque the importance of instrumental music...?
The famous maker of violins and cellos?
Baroque composition that treats one melody imitatively?
Emotional extremes and carefully controlled musical elements
Which best describes the dualism found in Baroque art and music?
the display of strong emotions in drama
which is a characteristic of Baroque theater that made it appealing to Baroque audiences and composers of opera?
a piece of music was performed differently each time, the performer expressed what he or she felt at the moment
Which best describes musical depiction of emotion in the late Baroque era?
a highly skilled musician
A virtuoso is?
a craftsperson creating a product on demand
the baroque composer was considered by contemporaries to be:
church, the opera house, and court
The main institutions where Baroque composers could make a living were the:
you had exposure to music from different countries/composers
One advantage of being a court composer was that?
Which instrument family formed the core of the Baroque orchestra?
orchestra and single soloist
A Baroque Concerto was a composition for:
orchestra and a group of soloists
A Baroque Concerto Grosso was a composition for:
Antonio Vivaldi
The composer of the Violin Concerto in G is:
the first and third movements
In violin Concerto in Ritornello form is used?
flute, violin, harpischord, and string orchestra
Instruments heard in the first movement of Brandenburg Concerto No 5 are:
What is the form of the first movement of Bradenburg Concerto No 5?
Which instrument plays the cadenza in the first movement of Bradenburg Concerto No 5?
How many movements does a typical concerto have?
The term for the initial orchestral melody in concerto grosso that returns from time to time is?
The Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi is especially remembered for his: (our Vivaldi listening example was one of these):
Johann Sebastian Bach lived from:
one of the greatest composers that ever lived
Bach is considered..
married twice and had many children
During Bach's lifetime he
both sacred and secular music
Bach composed
a very spiritual man wanting to glorify God
Bach demonstrates in his music that he was
actually, not that famous
During Bachs lifetime he was?
filled with hard work, composing to meet deadlines
Bachs life was
The Well Tempered Clavier
The collection of forty-eight preludes and fugues (12 major and 12 minor of both) by Bach is called
Systematized imitative polyphony
The outstanding element of a fugue is
Johann Sebastian Bach
The Art of Fugue was writtin by
The singing style characterized by fast run and scales, a large pitch range, cadenzas, and virtuosic displays of all sorts is called
The text of an Opera is called
The A section repeats with ornamentation
In a Da Capo aria
Were complicated and took many twists and turns
The plots of most Baroque opera
George Frideric Handel
The composer of Julius Ceaser and The Messiah
A kind of mini-oratorio designed for the use in the Lutheran worship service
The church cantata was
"There were shepherds" is part of The Messiah which is
a composition of organ based on a Lutheran hymn melody
An organ chorale is
Bach, Vivaldi and Handel
The three most important composers of the Baroque period are
Are extremely passionate about him
When watching the DVD on Bach you get a sense that those describing Bach
A Baroque Concerto Grosso
LISTEN: This is an excerpt from
A Baroque Concerto
LISTEN: This is an excerpt from