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-What are odorant and odor?

the chemical that provides the stimulation
the smell sensation that you experience

-What is anosmia?

lack of ability to smell

-What 2 cortical areas contribute to olfactory sensation? What does each contribute?

Olfactory cleft - a narrow space at the back of the nose into which air flows
Olfactory epithelium - a secretory mucosa in the nose whose primary function is to detect odorants in the air.

-Know each of these: OSN, olfactory cilia, glomeruli, Mitral cell.

-the main cell type in the olfactory epithelium.
-hairlike protrusions on the dendrites of OSN's
-spherical conglomerates containing the incoming axons of the OSNs
-the main projective output neurons in the olfactory bulbs

-What does the shape-pattern theory argue?

Argues that different scents as a function of odorant-shape activate different arrays of olfactory receptors in the olfactory epithelium(explains "cross-fiber" coding)

-What is a vomeronasal organ?

a chemical sensing organ that exists in some species that detects chemicals that cannot be processed by the olfactory epithelium

-What is a pheromone?

a chemical emitted by one member of a species that triggers a physiological or behavioral response

-What are tastant and taste?

-a molecule capable of evoking a gustatory sensation
-the sensory experience that occurs because of a tastant

-How are each of these detected: salt, sour, sweet, bitter?

-ability is to perceive is not static
-comes from acidic substances
-evoked by sugars
-quinine(bitter tasting substance)

-What sort of coding is used in the gustatory system?

Either labeled line coding or cross fiber coding

-What is a supertaster?

individual who and has a high density of fungiform papillae

-What does Berridge argue about subjective taste experience?

Argues that facial expressions are related to hedonic experience of taste

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