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Infant Mortality Vocabulary

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Ex. The rate decreased with the ____________ of antibiotics. (=the time when something first begins to be widely used)
Ex. Some experts ____________ the success to changes in technology. (=to believe or say that a situation or event is caused by something)
Ex. They have ____________ the U.S. in health care. (=to be even better or greater than someone or something else)
Ex. Some problems are the result of ____________ drugs. (=a drug given to a woman to help her have a baby)
pre-term OR premature
Ex. Some babies are born ____________. (=happening before the natural or proper time)
in-vitro fertilization
Ex. The couple used ____________. (= a process in which a human egg is fertilized outside a woman's body)
Ex. Rates among some ____________ minorities tend to be higher. (= relating to a particular race, nation, or tribe)
Ex. The infant mortality rate in the U.S. is __________ high. (=used when comparing something with all similar things)
Ex. He suffered from ____________ back pain. (=continues for a long time and cannot be cured)
Ex. There are ____________ in income. (=a difference between two or more things, especially an unfair one)
Ex. ____________ care is important for the health of infants. (=relating to unborn babies and the care of pregnant women)
Ex. Doctors can ____________ treatments. (=to change something to make it more suitable for you)
Ex. The ____________ that an infant will die is higher in the U.S. than in Japan. (= how likely something is)
infant mortality
Ex. The _____________ ______________ rate is high in North Korea. (chance that babies between 0-1 will die)
Ex. Substance ____________ by the mother affects the infant. (= drinking too much or taking illegal drugs in a way that harms you)