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  1. denotative meaning
  2. Nonverbal communication is meta-communicative
  3. Detecting lies
  4. Ways of enhancing or damaging credibility:
  5. disgust:
  1. a expressive people are better liars
    culture matters
  2. b -facial expressions or gestures can indicate how someone else should interpret our verbal message
    - examples includes wink to indicate a joke or a smile to indicate sincerity
  3. c literal meaning (look up)
  4. d A feeling of revulsion in reaction to something offensive---or someone?
  5. e Cliches

    dialects - variations on a language that are shared for a certain region or social class
    ex. wash clothes vs wash rags

    equivocation - language that disguises the speaker's true intentions through strategic ambiguity.
    weasel words - words that intend to mislead the listener by implying something they do not actually say.
    ex. .....

    illness statements -

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  1. fear of not making a good impression on others
  2. emotions composed of combinations of primary emotions. happiness, sadness, anger, fear,
  3. Touch conveys at least five forms of meaning:
    - affection
    -power and control
  4. Gestures include: emblems, illustrators, affect displays, regulators, adaptors
  5. the emotion of caring for, feeling attached to, and feeling committed to someone

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  1. Naming defines and differentiates usemotions vary in valence and intensity
    when emotions become extremely intense, they can become debilitating.


  2. fear:comprises informal words often understood only by others in a particular group
    - Can differentiate in - group and out group members
    - can also alienate outsiders


  3. emotiona feeling, often prolonged that has no identifiable cause


  4. Intensificationto exaggerate your emotions to appear that you are feeling it more than you really are


  5. envycan enhance communication
    - putting others at ease
    - defuse stress and reinforce intimacy
    can be harmful
    - demeaning social or cultural groups
    - offending or harassing others


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