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  1. de- intensification
  2. Sapir - Whorf Hypothesis:
  3. The nature of language
  4. adaptors
  5. Touch behavior
  1. a the idea that language influences the ways members of a culture see the world.

    Two principles
    Linguistic determinism
    Linguistic relativity
  2. b make things appear that you are feeling less emotion then you really are
  3. c gestures used to satisfy a need
  4. d Touch conveys at least five forms of meaning:
    - affection
    -power and control
  5. e Language is a structured system of symbols used for communicating meaning.

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  1. pitch, inflection, volume, speaking rate, filler words....
  2. the positivity or negativity of an emotion
  3. a gesture with a direct verbal translation ( Hi and waving)
  4. most names suggest demographic characteristics, such as sex, age group, ethnicity.
    naming practices vary by culture and evolve over time
    we often make judgments about a person's character on the basis of his or her name
  5. a gesture that enhances or clarifies a verbal message

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  1. gender and emotionan emotion about emotions


  2. three categories of emotionSadness:


  3. Nonverbal communication is usually believed over verbal communication-nonverbal channels are the various behavioral forms that nonverbal communication takes
    -channels rely on our five senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting


  4. linguistic relativitydefinition, implications, or interpretations of statements
    ex. sarcasm


  5. Two eye behaviors are associated with lying.Anchor and contrast - make a large request that is rejected followed by a more reasonable request
    Norm of reciprocity - to repay favors
    ex. if you lend me your car i will buy you dinner.
    social validation principle -