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  1. persuasion
  2. Valence and intensity
  3. illustrators
  4. Sadness:
  5. euphemisms
  1. a feeling unhappy, sorrowful, and discouraged
  2. b a gesture that enhances or clarifies a verbal message
  3. c are vague, mild expressions symbolizing something more harsh or blunt
    - can provide a way to talk about sensitive topics
    - can desensitize people to important issues
  4. d emotions vary in valence and intensity
    when emotions become extremely intense, they can become debilitating.
  5. e is the process of convincing people to think or act in a certain way

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  1. Social anxiety:
  2. distinct emotional experiences not consisting of combinations of other emotions
  3. the perception that the quality of the relationship is being threatened by a third party
  4. are defamatory statements made about others
  5. communication comprises those behaviors and characteristics that convey meaning without words.

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  1. Intensification5, 11, 6, 12


  2. pragmatic rulesdefinition, implications, or interpretations of statements
    ex. sarcasm


  3. emotional intelligence:whether intentionally or not, we make judgments about others based on their appearance
    -the halo effect causes ...........



  4. Language is symbolicis governed by four types of rules


  5. weasel wordswords that intend to mislead the listener by implying something they do not actually say.
    ex. .....