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  1. Physical appearance
  2. libel and slander
  3. illustrators
  4. de- intensification
  5. phonological rules
  1. a make things appear that you are feeling less emotion then you really are
  2. b a gesture that enhances or clarifies a verbal message
  3. c the pronunciation of the word
  4. d are defamatory statements made about others
  5. e whether intentionally or not, we make judgments about others based on their appearance
    -the halo effect causes ...........


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  1. Anchor and contrast - make a large request that is rejected followed by a more reasonable request
    Norm of reciprocity - to repay favors
    ex. if you lend me your car i will buy you dinner.
    social validation principle -
  2. The face communicates more information than any other channel
    -facial displays have three primary functions
    - attractiveness
    - emotion
  3. is rude or obscene language
    - profanity is context - specific
    - can serve to put people at ease
    - can also serve to insult or degrade others
  4. when we interact socially, we constantly negotiate our use of space
    how much space we prefer depends on several factors:
    - temperament
    - nature of the situation
    - how well we know those around us
  5. ...

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  1. love and passion:the emotion of caring for, feeling attached to, and feeling committed to someone


  2. grief:5, 11, 6, 12


  3. denotative meaningimplications of words


  4. Valence and intensityemotions vary in valence and intensity
    when emotions become extremely intense, they can become debilitating.


  5. equivocationlanguage that disguises the speaker's true intentions through strategic ambiguity.