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  1. Emotions are multidimensional
  2. phonological rules
  3. relationships
  4. connotative meaning
  5. mood
  1. a are physiological

    Action tendencies - biologically based motives toward specific behavioral responses to emotions

    emotions are social and cultural.
  2. b a feeling, often prolonged that has no identifiable cause
  3. c the pronunciation of the word
  4. d implications of words
  5. e will help us to live longer

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  1. pitch, inflection, volume, speaking rate, filler words....
  2. make a large request that is rejected followed by a more reasonable request
  3. make things appear that you are feeling less emotion then you really are
  4. A positive overall evaluation of someone
  5. fear of not making a good impression on others

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  1. Nonverbal communication is our primary means of expressing emotionTwo important channels are facial expressions and vocal behaviors


  2. maskingexpression one emotion when you are really feeling another


  3. emotionthe desire for something another person has


  4. Norm of reciprocityare objects and visual features in an environment that reflect who we are and what we like
    - how we choose and arrange artifacts in our environments gives others impressions about us


  5. pragmatic rulesdefinition, implications, or interpretations of statements
    ex. sarcasm