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  1. libel and slander
  2. mood
  3. masking
  4. denotative meaning
  5. Naming defines and differentiates us
  1. a are defamatory statements made about others
  2. b most names suggest demographic characteristics, such as sex, age group, ethnicity.
    naming practices vary by culture and evolve over time
    we often make judgments about a person's character on the basis of his or her name
  3. c literal meaning (look up)
  4. d expression one emotion when you are really feeling another
  5. e a feeling, often prolonged that has no identifiable cause

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  1. the emotion of caring for, feeling attached to, and feeling committed to someone
  2. words that invoke strong positive or negative connotations.
  3. leads you to feel that you are better than someone else- the most harmful emotion in an interpersonal relationship
  4. gestures used to satisfy a need
  5. Touch conveys at least five forms of meaning:
    - affection
    -power and control

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  1. Hate speech5, 11, 6, 12


  2. Deceptionthe knowing and intentional transmission of information to create a false belief in the hearer.


  3. influences on emotional experiences...


  4. fear:comprises informal words often understood only by others in a particular group
    - Can differentiate in - group and out group members
    - can also alienate outsiders


  5. phonological rulesthe pronunciation of the word


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