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  1. jealousy
  2. Sad/ Anxious emotions
  3. Humor
  4. de- intensification
  5. persuasion
  1. a can enhance communication
    - putting others at ease
    - defuse stress and reinforce intimacy
    can be harmful
    - demeaning social or cultural groups
    - offending or harassing others
  2. b make things appear that you are feeling less emotion then you really are
  3. c is the process of convincing people to think or act in a certain way
  4. d Sadness:
  5. e the perception that the quality of the relationship is being threatened by a third party

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  1. violates expectations
  2. the knowing and intentional transmission of information to create a false belief in the hearer.
  3. Language is a structured system of symbols used for communicating meaning.
  4. people see the world differently because we speak different language.
  5. the mind and body's reaction to perceived danger.

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  1. Language is symbolicis governed by four types of rules


  2. equivocationthe body's multi-dimensional response to any event that enhances or inhibits one's goals
    - is different from mood


  3. facial behaviorsthe eyes communicate more than any other part of the face
    eye contact can connote: honesty, attraction, confidence intimidation


  4. moodviolates expectations


  5. Nonverbal communication often conveys more info than verbal communicationNonverbal and verbal behaviors often conflict with each other
    We usually believe believe the nonverbal cues because we believe they are harder to control