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  1. Humor
  2. valence:
  3. contempt:
  4. slang
  5. connotative meaning
  1. a comprises informal words often understood only by others in a particular group
    - Can differentiate in - group and out group members
    - can also alienate outsiders
  2. b violates expectations
  3. c implications of words
  4. d the positivity or negativity of an emotion
  5. e leads you to feel that you are better than someone else- the most harmful emotion in an interpersonal relationship

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  1. people see the world differently because we speak different language.
  2. to repay favors
    ex. if you lend me your car I will buy you dinner
  3. all meaning behind words is assigned by the users of the language
    language can be arbitrary because it is symbolic
    one exception is onomatopoeia: buzz, click, meow, boom, snap
  4. the idea that language influences the ways members of a culture see the world.

    Two principles
    Linguistic determinism
    Linguistic relativity
  5. joyful and affectionate
    sad and anxious

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  1. illustratorsa gesture that enhances or clarifies a verbal message


  2. influences on emotional experiences1. culture ex. latin america vs. US
    2. geography ex south vs north
    3. co-cultures ex. military


  3. disgust:A feeling of revulsion in reaction to something offensive---or someone?


  4. syntactic rulesdefinition, implications, or interpretations of statements
    ex. sarcasm


  5. Use of spaceis a form of profanity meant to degrade or intimidate people based on their sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, or political or moral views.