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  1. Can you lie to yourself?
  2. Deception
  3. Use of artifacts
  4. Body movement
  5. slang
  1. a Gestures include: emblems, illustrators, affect displays, regulators, adaptors
  2. b comprises informal words often understood only by others in a particular group
    - Can differentiate in - group and out group members
    - can also alienate outsiders
  3. c ...
  4. d is a common component of politeness
    is common when communicating Online
  5. e are objects and visual features in an environment that reflect who we are and what we like
    - how we choose and arrange artifacts in our environments gives others impressions about us

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  1. violates expectations
  2. expression one emotion when you are really feeling another
  3. Anger: an emotional response to being wronged


  4. to exaggerate your emotions to appear that you are feeling it more than you really are
  5. is rude or obscene language
    - profanity is context - specific
    - can serve to put people at ease
    - can also serve to insult or degrade others

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  1. you - statementsshift responsibility for your thoughts and feelings to the other person


  2. simulationacting like you are not feeling an emotion when you really are


  3. The nature of languageimplications of words


  4. Valence and intensityemotions vary in valence and intensity
    when emotions become extremely intense, they can become debilitating.


  5. At least nine aspects of the voice convey meaning:pitch, inflection, volume, speaking rate, filler words....


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