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cell membrane

1. protects the cell 2. helps give the cell its shape 3. controls what enter and leaves the cell 4. helps keep the cell material together


life functions occur within the cytoplasm


1. contains cell genetic material 2. directs the activities of the cell

nuclear membrane

separates the nucleus from the rest of the cell


can store water and other substances


break down sugar and release energy... known as cellular respiration


make and store protein

endoplasmic reticulum

used for moving materials within the cell

prokaryotic cell

found in single cell organisms like bacteria

eukaryotic cell

found in plant, fungi, animal and protist cells


found only in plant cell

cell wall

1. found only in plant cell 2. gives shape and support to the plant cells


breaks down food material for consumption by the cell

golgi bodies

sort proteins and other cellular materials in order to store and release vital chemicals


examples: plant cell and animal cell


a group of similar cells working together to perform a specific function

epithelial tissue

makes up the skin and lining of the stomach

muscle tissue

makes up the heart as well as the muscles attached to bones and other parts of the body (like the stomach and blood vessels)

nerve tissue

makes up the brain and spinal cord

connective tissue

found in bones, fat, cartilage and blood


examples: lung and heart

organ system

examples: respiratory system, and circulatory system


examples: nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes


example: human, tree

cellular respiration

*** This is a form of "oxidation" in living organisms

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