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  1. sliding glacier movement
  2. glacier
  3. long shore current
  4. long shore drift
  5. mass wasting
  1. a the weight of a glacier and heat from Earth cause ice at the bottom of a glacier to melt. A layer of water forms under the glacier, and it starts sliding along on the layer of water.
  2. b is the movement of water along a shore as waves strike the shore at an angle.
  3. c is a large mass of ice that moves over land
  4. d is the zig-zag movement of sand along a beach. Sand is pushed at an angle.
  5. e the downhill movements of masses of rocks and soil

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  1. is a slide of loose debris that moves as a single unit
  2. is a mound of sand built up by wind
  3. the process in which weathered particles are picked up and moved from one place to another.
  4. causes water to move downward, carrying and depositing sediments as it flows.
  5. is a ridge of sand built up by action of waves and currents.

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  1. meanderinglarge caves


  2. spitis a mound of sand built up by wind


  3. dividea ridge from which water drains to one side or the other


  4. barrier islandis a long, narrow island that develops parallel to a coast. It forms a barrier between the ocean waves and the shore of the mainland.


  5. loessThe slowest form of mass movement