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  1. alluvial fan
  2. spit
  3. ground moraine
  4. glacier movement
  5. desert pavement
  1. a wind blows away all the smallest particles from a mixture sand, silt and gravel, leaves behind a stony surface.
  2. b 2 kinds: flowing and sliding.
  3. c is a fan shaped deposit of sediment at the base of a mountain. It forms where is a stream leaves a steep valley and enters a flatter plain.
  4. d A sandbar that has built up above the water surface and is joined to the land at one end
  5. e the blanket of till that a glacier deposits its bottom.

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  1. is a slide of loose debris that moves as a single unit
  2. The area of land in which water drains into a stream system, the water eventually drains into a lake or an ocean.
  3. is a long, narrow island that develops parallel to a coast. It forms a barrier between the ocean waves and the shore of the mainland.
  4. The slowest form of mass movement
  5. called ice sheets, are much larger than alpine glaciers and can cover entire continents. Today, covers most of Greenland and Antarctica.

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  1. lateral morainethe till that marks the farthest advance of a glacier forms a deposit.


  2. kettle lakethe sediment left directly on the ground surface by a retreating glacier.


  3. mudflowa major type of mass wasting


  4. flood plainis an area of land on either side of a stream that is underwater when the stream floods


  5. sliding glacier movementthe weight of a glacier and heat from Earth cause ice at the bottom of a glacier to melt. A layer of water forms under the glacier, and it starts sliding along on the layer of water.