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  1. 1899
  2. Wilhelm II
  3. David Livingstone
  4. Maoris
  5. Saxony, Germany
  1. a The year the Boer War broke out
  2. b Where Prince Albert was from
  3. c Dismissed Bismark and took foreign policy into his own hands
  4. d Natives of New Zealand
  5. e Discovered and named Victoria Falls

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  1. Union the Boers and the British formed in 1910
  2. Three deserts in Africa
  3. Created the London Metropolitan Police Force
  4. Two great Boer leaders
  5. Greatly escalated the rate of colonization

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  1. Sidney and Beatrice WebbNegotiated a treaty that opened Japan to Christian missionaries


  2. Benjamin DisraeliLeader of the Conservative party


  3. U-BoatA Dutch word meaning "farmers"


  4. Act of UnionAct that limited child labor, banned boy chimney sweeps, and limited the work day to 10 hours


  5. 300-1200The year the Boer War broke out