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  1. Lusitania
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Amy Carmichael
  4. United States
  5. Africa
  1. a Ship sunk off the coast of Ireland after being hit by torpedoes from a German submarine
  2. b The second largest continent
  3. c The only victor that did not join the League of Nations
  4. d Worked for years to rescue young Indian girls from a life of prostitution in the pagan temples and to bring them to Christ and teach Indians the way of salvation
  5. e One of the chief British possessions

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  1. The first black bishop of the Church of England
  2. Called "The Grand Old Man"
  3. Deep ditches used in battle for cover against enemy gunfire
  4. Where Prince Albert was from
  5. French Hugenots fleeing persecution under Louis XIV

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  1. William GladstoneQueen Victoria's uncle who was "not good"


  2. Prince ConsortAnother name for Queen Victoria's husband


  3. The Flying CircusWhat the Red Baron's unit was called


  4. F. B. MeyerKnown for devotionals


  5. Battle of JutlandThe most important naval battle of World War I