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  1. Earl of Shaftesbury, Lord Ashley
  2. East India Company
  3. Aborigines
  4. Hong Kong
  5. J. Hudson Taylor
  1. a Passed the Factory Act
  2. b One of the chief British possessions
  3. c The tool of British settlement
  4. d The original inhabitants of Australia
  5. e Father of Faith Missions

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  1. Allowed Catholics to vote and to sit in Parliament
  2. The pagan practice of burning a widow alive along with her dead husband's body
  3. Chancellor of Prussia(Germany)
  4. Negotiated a treaty that opened Japan to Christian missionaries
  5. Largest peaks in Africa

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  1. RomeWhen Ireland was partitioned


  2. Nile RiverThe world's longest river


  3. The Flying CircusWhat the Red Baron's unit was called


  4. Battle of the SommeThe most important naval battle of World War I


  5. Samuel Adjai CrowtherThe tool of British settlement