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  1. Religion
  2. Calibar
  3. United States
  4. F. B. Meyer
  5. Gold, God, Glory
  1. a The only victor that did not join the League of Nations
  2. b Three reasons Britain expanded her glory
  3. c Known for devotionals
  4. d The key issue preventing peace between England and Ireland
  5. e Where Mary Slessor went in Africa

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  1. Union the Boers and the British formed in 1910
  2. Negotiated a treaty that opened Japan to Christian missionaries
  3. The unpopularity of the war led to the ____ in Russia
  4. Man in charge of the Allied forces
  5. The only two nations in Africa that were independent by 1914

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  1. Cape of Good HopeThe extreme southern tip of Africa


  2. SequanaThe local language of South Africa


  3. Benjamin DisraeliThe newspaper that dispatched Henry Stanley


  4. Prince ConsortThe world's longest river


  5. BulgariaFirst Central Power to surrender


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