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  1. Modernism
  2. Jean-Henri Dunant
  3. 2/3
  4. United States
  5. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  1. a Religious liberalism
  2. b Countries in the Triple Alliance
  3. c The only victor that did not join the League of Nations
  4. d How much of Africa is covered with desert
  5. e Led in an effort to bring doctors and nurses to the front to attend the wounded

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  1. Supported by the London Missionary Society
  2. Assaninated by a Serbian revolutionist
  3. What the Red Baron's unit was called
  4. Where Prince Albert was from
  5. Ascended to the throne after Queen Victoria

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  1. Paul von HindenburgBecame supreme commander of all Central Powers forces


  2. Ferdinand von ZepplinMade airships and blimps


  3. T. E. LawrenceLed Arab revolts against Turkish rule in the Arabian Peninsula


  4. British Commonwealth of NationsAn asscociation of nations acknowledging the British monarch as their symbolic head


  5. Hong KongBecame England's chief North American possession