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  1. Gold, God, Glory
  2. F. B. Meyer
  3. Earl of Shaftesbury, Lord Ashley
  4. Winston Churchill
  5. Queen Victoria
  1. a Known for devotionals
  2. b Three reasons Britain expanded her glory
  3. c The longest-ruling monarch in English history
  4. d First Lord of the Admiralty in England during WWI
  5. e Passed the Factory Act

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  1. The "Dark Continent"
  2. Served 35 years in Parliament, and 24 years as foreign minister
  3. Supported by the London Missionary Society
  4. One of the greatest leaders in all of church history
  5. French leader of the Allied Forces

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  1. Act of UnionThe key issue preventing peace between England and Ireland


  2. RomeThe capital of a united Italy


  3. Revolutionary NationalismThe chaos of French politics inspired a spirit of ____ in many European nations


  4. Askia the GreatLeader of the Song Hai Empire


  5. New York HeraldWhat the Northeast Ulster is known as today


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