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  1. Metropolitan Tabernacle
  2. High, Broad, Low
  3. Queen Victoria
  4. Guiseppe Mazzini
  5. Niels Bohr
  1. a The longest-ruling monarch in English history
  2. b The three divisions of the Anglican Church
  3. c Charles Haddon Spurgeon's church
  4. d Scientist who proposed that electrons revolve around the nucleus of atoms in circular paths called orbits
  5. e Formed a group called "Young Italy"

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  1. Who Queen Victoria sent to investigate conditions in Canada
  2. War between the Britons and the Boers
  3. French Hugenots fleeing persecution under Louis XIV
  4. The chaos of French politics inspired a spirit of ____ in many European nations
  5. Known for devotionals

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  1. Era of BismarkThe "Dark Continent"


  2. Battle of VerdunThe battle where French forces stopped the German advance and miraculously drove the Germans back across the Marne River


  3. SequanaThe local language of South Africa


  4. Otto von BismarkThe most important naval battle of World War I


  5. David LivingstonePerhaps the most famous missionary of the 19th century