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  1. Revolutionary Nationalism
  2. Nile River
  3. Bolshevik Revolution
  4. Africa
  5. Cape of Good Hope
  1. a The "Dark Continent"
  2. b The extreme southern tip of Africa
  3. c The world's longest river
  4. d The revolution that Lenin esablished the Communist state in
  5. e The chaos of French politics inspired a spirit of ____ in many European nations

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  1. Treaty between Russia and Germany that ended Russia's involvement in WWI
  2. Africa's longest mountain range
  3. Expanded German boundaries and united the German states
  4. In an attempt to relieve the pressure at Verdun, British forces launched an intense offensive against the Germans at the ____
  5. The world's largest desert

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  1. British North America ActUnion the Boers and the British formed in 1910


  2. 1/4When the Battle of Plassey took place


  3. Age of British ImperialismCharles Haddon Spurgeon's church


  4. William CareyFather of Modern Missions


  5. William IVQueen Victoria's uncle who was "not good"