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  1. U-Boat
  2. Lake Victoria
  3. 300-1200
  4. Great Trek
  5. Atlas Mountains
  1. a When hundreds of Boers packed up and left the Cape in 1835
  2. b Undersea boat
  3. c Africa's longest mountain range
  4. d The source of the Nile
  5. e When the Ghana Empire existed

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  1. How much of Africa is covered with desert
  2. What the Northeast Ulster is known as today
  3. Prince of Expositors
  4. Began the YMCA
  5. Prince of Preachers

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  1. Sir Arthur WelleslyPersuaded Japan to open its doors to western trade


  2. British North America ActMade Canada a self-governing commonwealth


  3. Treaty of FrankfurtEnded the Franco Prussian War


  4. Battle of the SommeIn an attempt to relieve the pressure at Verdun, British forces launched an intense offensive against the Germans at the ____


  5. Ems DispatchNatives of New Zealand