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Law of CONTRACTS- study set [specify promulgated forms]

Terms in this set (73)

1. Unimproved Property Contract - Promulgated by TREC,
2. Addendum for Sale of the Property by Buyer - promulgated,
3. Addendum for Back up Contract - promulgated.
4. Addendum for Release of Liability on Assumed Loan and\or Restoration of Seller's VA VA Entitlement. - Promulgated
5. Seller's Temporary Residential Lease--Promulgated.-No more than 90 days after the closing use form.
6. Buyer's Temporary Resdential Lease-- promulgated. No more than 90 days.
7. New Home Contract Incomplete construction-. Promulgated.
8. New Home Contract - complete construction -. Promulgated
9. Farm and Ranch Contract -. Promulgated
10. Seller Financing Addendum -. Promulgated.
11. Environmental Assessment, Threatened or Endangered Species, and Wet Lands Addendum--. Promulgated,
12. Residential Condominium Contract Resale -. Promulgated.
13. Condominium resale certificate -.
14. Addendum for coastal area property -.
15. Addendum for property located Seaward of the gulf intercoastal waterway -. Promulgated
16. Addendum for property subject to mandatory
membership in a property owners Association -. Promulgated
17. Subdivision information, including resale certificate for property subject to mandatory
membership in a property owners Association -. Promulgated
18. Notice of buyers termination of contract/.
19. Amendment to contract -. Promulgated,
20. Third party financing addendum for credit approval -. Promulgated,
21. Loan assumption addendum -. Promulgated,
22. Addendum for reservation of oil - Gas other minerals -. Promulgated,
23. Short sale addendum -. Promulgated
24. Notice to prospective buyer -. Approved.
25. Sellers disclosure of property condition -. Approved.
26. Texas real estate consumer notice concerning hazards or deficiencies -. Approved,
27. Information about brokerage service -. Approved,
28. Lead base Addendum for sellers disclosure of information on lead-based paint and leg days a hazard as required by federal law -. Approved.
29. Nonrealty items addendum -. Approved
30. Disclosure of relationship with residential
service company -. Promulgated