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noncaloric essential nutrients necessary for many metabolic task


are vitamins organic or inorganic

functions of vitamins

*components of coenzymes
*hormones that affect gene expression
*componet of cell membrane
*component of light sensitive rhodopsin molecule in the eye

vitamins A,D,E,K

fat soluble vitamins

vitamins C & B

water soluble vitamins

Discuss the relationship between vitamin E & Selenium

works with x-tocopherol as an antioxidant


a fat-soluble vitamin of the K group found primarily in green plants

niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folate, cobalamin (B12)

Vitamins functioning as coenzymes
(all water soluble)

vision cycle: adaptation to light & dark
tissue growth &immunity

functions of vitamin A (Retinol)


itching or burning red inflamed eyelids (deficiency of vitamin A)


blindness caused by severe defiiency of vitamin A

liver oils
egg yolk

major sources of vitamin A

*absorption of calcium and phosphorus
* calcification of bones and teeth & growth

Functions of vitamin D (cholecalciferol)


a condition in growing children characterized by malformation of bones caused by a deficiency in vitamin D

*fatty fish (salmon)
*butter substitutes (margarines)

Major sources for vitamin D

* breads,Cereal,Rice,Pasta
*Fruits(avocado, Mango raw

Food sources of Vitamin E

(kale, spinach,mustard greens,broccoli,turnip greens)

Food sources of Vitamin K

normal blood clotting & bone development

Functions of vitamin K


the chemical name for vitamin B6 it functions as an important coenzyme factors in many reactionsin cell matabolism


they are absorbed in the intestines & used in building body tissues, activating, regulating, and controlling metabolic process

citrus fruits, kiwi,tomatoes,melons,strawberries,dark leafy veggies, chili pepers,cabbages, broccoli

foods enriched with vitamin C

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