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First Year Milestones

Milestones month by month for an infant
One Month
physical: regains weight lost afte brith, grows about 1 ince per month for first 6 months, lifts head slightly when prone; pushes with toes and turns head to side; clenches fist; stares at surroundings
social: makes small, throaty noises; sleeps about 20 hours
Two Months
physical: tears appear; follows light with eyes; briefly holds rattle
social: smiles in respnse to voice
Three Months
Physical: reaches for objects but misses them; carris hand to mouth; holds rattle; stepping reflex is gone
social: responds more to people talk
Four Months
physical: drooling; turns from back to side; sits with support; begins to reach for objects; root, Moro. Extrusion, palmar grasp and tonic neck reflexes are gone; can partly sustain weight when held upright
social: coos, chuckles and gurgles; laughs aloud; responds to oters; likes an audience
Five Months
Physical: puts everthing into mouth; plays with toes; grasps objects
social: talks to self, becoming wary of strangers
Six Months
physical: doubles birth weight, grows about 0.5 inches per month for next 6 months; springs up and down when sitting; turns completely over; bangs tabe with ojects; pulls self into sitting position
social: babbles and squeals; sucks food from spoon; awakes happy
Seven Months
physical: 2 lower teeth; begins to crawl using upper body, legs drag; transfers objects from hand to hand; stands with support
social: mood shifts, fear of strangers, sleeps 11-13 hours per night
Eight Months
physical: uses thumb and forefinger like pincers; pokes at objects; enjoys droppig and emptying things; plantar grasp reflex gone
social: plays pat-a-cake; impatient; reserved with strangers
Nine Months
physical: shows preference for one hand; holds bottle; creeps
social: tries to imitate sounds; cries if scolded; drops food; separation anxiety; sippie cup is introduced
Ten Months
physical: pulls self into standig position; throws toys to floor; walks while holding onto things
social: knows name; plays simple games; feeds self cookie
Eleven Months
physical: stands upright holding onto adults hands
social: understands simple diretions; impatient when held
Twelve Months
physical: triples brith weight, stands alone for short periods; may walk; six teeth; drinks from cup; eats with spoon
social: friendly; will repeat acts that elicit a response; knows what "NO" means; shows emotions like fear, anger or jealousy; reacts to these emotios from adults; likes to play with food