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Aesthetician State Board Prep (Sanitation and Disinfection)

Sanitation and Disinfection

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All types of bacteria are:
Pathogenic bacteria are single celled organisms that:
Cause Disease
Tetanus and tuberculosis are caused by:
The corkscrew-shaped bacteria that cause diseases such as syphilis are:
During their inactive stage, Some bacteria:
Form spherical spores
A virus casues:
A virus similar to HIV in transmission causes inflammation of the liver, also called:
Bacteria that enter the body are destroyed by:
White blood cells
One type of local infection is:
An abscess
Molds and mildews are types of:
Clients with ringworm or head lice should be:
Referred to a physician
Acquited immunity:
May be acquired through inoculation
The federal agency that regulates and enforces safety and health standards in the workplace is:
The level of decontamination that kills bacterial spores is:
A used comedo extractor should be sterilized with dry heat or:
In an autoclave
Disinfection may be used on:
Nonporous surfaces
All salon disinfectants must be approved by each individual state and the:
Every disinfectatn you use in the salon or spa should have a/an:
In order to be considered "Formulated for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities", a disinfectatn must be pseudomonacidal, batericidal, funicidal, and:
Quats are:
Odorless and fast-acting
The disinfectants known as pheols are:
Used mostly on metal implants
Are caustic poision, burns or destroys organic tissue by chemical action
EPA-registere disinfectants include:
Formalin is a:
Suspected cancer causing agent, and formaldehyde in water
Sodium Hypochlorite is commonly known as:
Implements can be removed from disinfectant solution with any of the following:
Tongs, Gloved hands, and a draining basket
An incorrect and hazardous way to work with disinfectatns is:
Adding water to disinfectant
Wet sanitizers are used to:
Disinfect implements
Disinfecting soak solution must be changed:
Every day
An implement that is to be soaked in disinfectant should be:
In a closed, dry, disinfected container
Linens should be used once and then laundered with:
The contact points of tools such as electrotherapy tools that cannot be immeresed in liquid:
Should be disinfected
Before and after each client, doorknobs and handles should be:
The process of handling sterilized and disinfected tools and supplies so that they are not contaminated until they are used on a client is called:
Aseptic Procedure
Antiseptics are considered:
Safe for application to skin