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black people and what they did


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Jackie robinson
first african american to play baseball in the major leagues
jesse owens
track star who won four gold medals in the 1936 olympics
marian anderson
first african american soloist to sing at the metropolitan opera
oprah winfrey
television talk show host and actress
Ray charles
blind singer, pianist, and song writer
martin luther king jr
gave the famous i have a dream speech to over 2000000 people
malcolm x
nationsl spokesman for the nation of islam
stokely cormicheal
chairman of the student nonviolent coordinating committee
rosa parks
african american women who refused to giv up her bus seat
jesse jackson
civil rights activist and democratic presidential nominee
marcus garvey
organized the black nationalist movement in 1920
crispus attucks
hero in the american revolution and participant in the intolerable act
W.E.B du bois
founder of the NAACP
wilma rudolph
track star who won 3 gold medal in the 1960 olympics
maya angelou
poet actress and lecturer
harriet tubman
helped many slaves escape to freedom using the underground railroad
phillis wheaty
first african american to have her poetry published in 1920
sojouner truth
abolitonist who spoke about slavery and womens rights
benjamin banneker
astronomer, math guy, made 6 almanacs
langston hughes
an african americanwriter expressed the life of black america in poetry
nat turner
led the deadliest slave revolt in united states history
booker t washington
built tuskedee institude in alabama
matthew henson
polar explorer who was one of the first people to reach the north pole
george carver
agricultural sientist who produced 300 products from peanuts
paul robeson
actor and singer of the 1920s
mary bethune
adviser to president franklin D. Roosevelt
shirley chsholm
first african american women voted to be in congress
colin powell
secretary of state under george washington bush
frederick douglas
founded the negro journal called the north star in 1847
thurgood marshall
first african american to be named to the supreme court