11 terms

The Changing Earth- Cracked Crust- Chapter 1

continental shelf
The part of a continent that extends under shallow water from the edge of the land down to a steeper slope
A supercontinent that existed 200 million years ago
theory of plate tectonics
The belief that Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into enormous slabs called tectonic plates
tectonic plates
Massive slabs of Earth's crust and upper mantle
The outermost layer of Earth
The layer of Earth between the crust and core
plate boundaries
Places where tectonic plates interact
magnetic field
The area around a magnet where the effects of magnetism are felt. The Earth is like a giant magnet.
magnetic reversal
The effects of when the Earth's magnetic North and South Poles have switched
mid-ocean ridge
A continuous chain of mountains on the ocean floor
sea-floor spreading
The process by which new ocean floor is continually being added