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APUSH Exam Study 2/24/11

Greatest political beneficiary of backlash against Cleveland in congressional elections in 1894
President Cleveland aroused widespread public anger by his action of
borrowing $65 million in gold from JP Morgan's banking syndicate
Early populist campaign to create coalition of white and black farmers ended in
racist backlash that eliminated black voting in the south
Four states completely carried by the populists in 1892 election
Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, nevada
Which as NOT among platform planks adopted by the populist part in the convention of 1892
government guarantees of parody prices for farmer
In the latter decades of the 19th century it was generally true that the locusts of political power was
Major campaign issue of 1888 presidential election
tariff policy
When president, Cleveland's "hands-off" approach gained support of
business people
Which of the following had "gilded age"??
1884 election contest between Blaine and Cleveland was noted for
personal attacks on two candidates
The Pendleton act required appointees to public office to
take competitive examination
President Garfield was assassinated
by a deranged, disappointed office seeker
One reason the Chinese came to the US was
to dig for gold
Labor unrest in 1870's-1880's resulted in
use of federal troops during strikes
Labor unrest during Hayes administration stemmed from
long years of depression and deflation
The railroad strike of 1877 started when
the four largest railroads cut salaries by 18%
The legal codes that established system of segregation were
Jim Crow Laws
Compromise of 1877 resulted in
withdrawal of federal troops in the south
Major problem in 1876 presidential election centered on
two sets of election returns submitted by Florida, South Caroline, and Louisiana
"Spoils-man" was the label attached to those who
expected government jobs from party's elected office holders
During the gilded age, the lifeblood of both democratic and republican party's was
political patronage
One reason for extremely high voter turnouts and partisan fervor of the gilded age was
sharp ethnic and cultural differences in members of the two parties
Presidential elections of the 1870's and 1880's
aroused great interest among voters
During the gilded age democrats and republicans
had a few significant economic interests
Those who enjoyed a successful political career in the post Civil War decades were
party loyalists
One result of republican hard money policies was
formation of the greenback labor party
One cause of the panic that broke out in 1873 was
construction of more factories than existing markets could bear
President Ulysses S Grant reelected in 1872 because
his opponent chose a poor candidate for the presidency
Late 19th century, those political candidates who campaigned by 'waving the bloody shirt" to remind of the Civil War were
? treason of confederate democrats during the Civil War
As a result of the civil war
waste extravagance spec. and graft reduced moral state of republicans
JP Morgan monitored his competition by placing officers of his bank on the boards of companies he wanted to control
interlocking doctorates
The steel industry owed much to the inventive genius of
henry bessimer
After the civil war, the plentiful supply of unskilled labor
helped to build the nation into a industrial giant
One most significant aspects of interstate commerce act was that it
represented the first large scale attempt by federal government to regulate business
First federal regulatory agency designed to protect public interest
Efforts to regulate monopolizing practices of railroad corps first came in the form of
state legislatures
Agreements between railroad corps to divide business in given area and share profits were called
Greatest single factor healing to spur the amazing industrial of post civil war years
railroad network
One byproduct of development of railroads was
movement of people to cities
the only transcontinental railroad built without government aide was
great northern
National government helped to finance transcontinental railroad construction in the late 19th century by providing railroads corps with
land grants
During the gilded age, most railroads were built
with government assistance
In efforts on behalf of workers the national labor union won
an 8 hour day for government
generally, the supreme court in the late 19th century interpreted the constitution in a way as to favor
Most women workers of the 1890's worked for
economic necessity
Group most effected by new industrial age was
One of the greatest changes that industries brought about in lives of workers
need to adjust lives to time clock
many southerners saw emp. (?) in textile mills as salvation
since jobs and wages were steady
In late 19th century tax benefits and cheap nonunion labor attracted___manufacturers to the south
South's major attraction for potential investors was
cheap labor
The Sherman anti-trust act was at first primarily used to curb power of
labor unions
The ____ amendment was especially helpful to giant corporations when defending themselves against state governments
Gospel of wealth which associated godliness with wealth
discouraged efforts to help the poor
The oil industry because a huge business
with the invention of the internal combustion engine
The first major product of the oil industry was
America's first billion dollar corporation was
US Steel
Some people who found fault with captains of industry argued that these men
diminished worker's quality of life
By 1900, American attitudes toward labor began to change as public came to recognize the right of workers to bargain collectively and strike. Nevertheless
vast majority of employees continued to fight organized labor
Knights of labor beleived that republican traditions and institutions could be preserved from corrupt monopolists
by strengthening economic and political independence of workers
Knights of labor believed conflict between capital and labor would dissipate when
labor would own and operate industries and businesses
One group banned from membership in the knights of labor was
the chinese
The various racial and thnic groups in large cities though living in different neighborhoods
all of the above
The subject of the 18th amendment was
The nation American woman's suffrage association
limited its membership to whites
The comstock law was intended to advance the cause of
sexual purity
Henry george argued that the unearned windfall profits of those who did not work for them should be
confiscated by government taxation
In a country hungry for new, newspapers
became sensationalized
During the industrial revolution
life expectancy measurably increased
The merrill act of 1862
granted public lands to support higher education
As leader of the African American community, Booker T Washington
grudgingly acquiesced to segregation
Post civil war era witnessed
increased compulsory school attendance lawes
Booker T Washington believed the key to political and civil rights for African Americans
was economic independence
Americans offered growing support for free public education systems
because they accepted the idea that a free government cannot function without educated citizens
Darwin's theory of evolution
casts serious doubt on the interpretation of the bible
1890's positions for women as secretaries, store clerks, and telemarketers were reserved for
native born
According to the social gospel
the lessons of Christianity should be applied to solve the problems manifested in slums and factories
Most new immigrants
tried to preserve their old country culture in America
The new immigrants who came to US after 1880
were culturally different from previous immigrants
One of the early symbols of the dawning era of conservatism in urban America was
the rise of large department stores
The major factor of drawing country people into big cities was
the availability of industrial jobs