Chapter 6 - Wireless Networking

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You are troubleshooting a client's wireless networking issue. Which of the following will prevent the client from connecting to the network?
A. The client is only able to get line of sight with an omnidirectional antenna.
B. The client is using a network adapter with outdated firmware.
C. The client has a wireless profile configured for the "campus" SSID, but the access point is broadcasting the "CAMPUS" SSID.
D. The client is using an 802.11n wireless adapter, but the access point only supports up to 802.11g.
How does refraction affect the propagation of a wireless transmission?
A. It causes the signal to be absorbed by the refracting material.
B. It causes the signal to be returned back towards the source of the origin.
C. It splits the signal into secondary waves that continue in the direction in which they split.
D. It distorts the signal as it travels into and through a different transmission medium.
trueThe Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN can be easily cracked through a brute force attack.BWhat is the purpose of the Layer 2 LLC sublayer? A. It is used to manage low-level encryption on a network. B. It is used to handle multiplexing, flow and error control, and reliability. C. It is used to manage MAC addresses in message frames. D. It performs management of the physical layer's modulation techniques.CThe wireless spectrum, as defined by the FCC, spans between which two frequencies? A. 125 kHz and 150 GHz B. 3 MHz and 300 GHz C. 9 kHz and 300 GHz D. 3 kHz and 500 GHztrueAn 802.11 data frame contains four address fields, in contrast to the two address fields in 802.3 Ethernet.trueAll wireless signals are carried through the air by electromagnetic waves.BHealing messages are a feature of what smart home protocol? A. ANT+ B. Z-Wave C. ZigBee D. BluetoothBThe 802.11 standard specifies the use of what technique in order to minimize the potential for collisions? A. Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Mitigation (CMSA/CM) B. Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) C. Carrier Sense Single Access with Collision Adaptation (CSSA/CA) D. Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)CIf you need to evaluate Wi-Fi network availability as well as optimize Wi-Fi signal settings and identify security threats, what tool should you use? A. spectrum analyzer B. protocol analyzer C. Wi-Fi analyzer D. air scannerADiffraction has what affect on a wireless signal's propagation? A. The signal is split into secondary waves that continue in the direction in which they split. B. The signal is returned back towards the source of the original signal. C. The signal is redirected into multiple directions. D. The signal is completely absorbed by the diffracting material.DWhat 802.11 frame type is involved in association and reassociation, including probe and beacon frames? A. data frames B. extended frames C. control frames D. management framesfalseDue to many vulnerabilities and a short key length, the WPA security standard was replaced with WEP.CWhich of the following statements regarding the 802.11ac standard is NOT accurate? A. 802.11ac operates on the 5-GHz band. B. The standard was officially approved in early 2014. C. 802.11ac access points function more like a hub than a switch. D. 802.11ac access points can handle multiple transmissions at one time over the same frequency.DAt what layer of the OSI model do the 802.11 standards vary? A. Data link layer B. Transport layer C. Network layer D. Physical layerDWhat scenario describes an evil twin attack? A. An attacker is actively attempting to brute force the PIN of a WPS enabled access point. B. A hacker is actively sending wireless probes to discover available wireless networks. C. A hacker is utilizing a protocol analyzer on a public Wi-Fi network to discover packet contents. D. A malicious access point is configured with the SSID of a non-malicious public access point.AHow does the 802.11 data frame indicate how a large packet should be fragmented? A. The sequence control field indicates how packets will be subdivided. B. The duration field determines how long the station can transmit a packet, which then determines how it is divided. C. The frame check sequence dictates the calculated packet size. D. It uses the preamble header to estimate the ideal packet size.CWhich 802.11 frame type is related to medium access and data delivery, and includes ACK and RTS/CTS frames? A. management frames B. data frames C. control frames D. extended framesCHow many data streams are used in 802.11ac Wave 2 devices? A. 3 data streams B. 8 data streams C. 4 data streams D. 2 data streamsAWhich Bluetooth power class allows for a maximum power output of 100 mW and a range of up to 100 m? A. Class 1 B. Class A C. Class X D. Class 2trueThe most secure Wi-Fi communication is made possible by combining a RADIUS server with WPA or WPA2, known as WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise, respectively.BA wireless node that is in active scanning mode transmits what special type of frame in order to find available access points? A. beacon frame B. probe frame C. association request D. ping frameDWhen troubleshooting wireless issues, what statement is accurate? A. Access point power levels should always be configured to output as much power as possible. B. A WPA key can be used to associate with a WEP configured access point. C. Simultaneous wired and wireless network connections do not affect the ability to communicate on the network. D. Access points that use overlapping channels can cause interference with each other if they are too close.DWhen using RFID, what is an ARPT (Active Reader Passive Tag)? A. It is a battery-powered tag actively transmits its credentials at regular time intervals, which can be read remotely. B. It is a tag that requires an active reader, but still contains a battery in the tag. C. It is a tag that can be read remotely up to a distance of 50 m, but requires a powerful active reader. D. It is a tag that is activated by an active reader, and uses power from the reader's radio to power its transmission.BThe use of multiple antennas on an access point to issue a signal to one or more receivers is enabled by what 802.11 innovation? A. spread spectrum frequency hopping B. multiple input-multiple output (MIMO) C. frame aggregation D. channel bondingDIn IEEE terminology, a group of stations that share an access point are said to be part of which of the following? A. modified service set B. extended service set C. generic service set D. basic service setBIn Linux, what command can be used for viewing and setting wireless interface parameters? A. ifconfig B. iwconfig C. wifid D. wlanconfBIn an 802.11 data frame, what is the size of the frame check sequence field? A. 4 bytes B. 6 bytes C. 2 bytes D. 8 bytesDWhat optional protocol can be used in 802.11 to reserve the medium for one node's use? A. HA/RA (Hold Airtime/Reserved Airtime) B. RT/FT (Request Time/Fair Time) C. RAR/CTU (Reserve Airtime Request/Clear to Use) D. RTS/CTS (Request to Send/Clear to Send)trueThe Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) is defined in the 802.15 standard.falseNFC tags are very expensive and cannot be purchased blank, requiring them to be pre-loaded.DNear-field communication devices send data at what fixed frequency? A. 47.1 MHz B. 8.65 MHz C. 21.39 MHz D. 13.56 MHz