Unit 3 Topic 1 Social Studies 4th Grade

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The French wanted to claim the Ohio River Valley because
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PROTEST: American colonists protested against...the acts that were imposed onto them by the British Parliament.TOWNSHEND REVENUE ACT: The Townsend Revenue Act was...a tax placed on imported goods such as paper, paint, lead, glass, and tea.The Townsend Revenue Act also...allowed the collection of these levees and created courts that could prosecute smugglers without a jury.The Townsend Revenue Act went further than just taxing imported goods, it allowed...British officials the right to search colonists' houses."No Taxation without Representation" was a slogan created by thePatriots that argued against taxes that were enforced by the Townshend Revenue Act.Explain in your own words what Patriots and Loyalists are.THE BOSTON MASSACRE: The Boston Massacre was a clash betweencolonists and British soldiers at the Custom House in Boston.During the Boston Massacre, colonists attacked the soldiers with...snowballs, clubs, and sticks.Shots were fired by the soldiers killing how many of the protesting colonists? (Boston Massacre)fiveBOSTON TEA PARTY: The British imposed a new tax on the American Colonies that all tea had to be traded and purchased through the...East India Tea Company.The colonists reacted to the new act imposed on them by...dressing as Native Americans and pushing all the tea into the Boston Harbor.