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European History

Flying Shuttle
allowed one person instead of two to operate a weaving loom
Spinning Jenny
allowed fo rmore spinning of yarn with 8 spindles operating at once
Water Frame
utilized water power for the spinning of yarn
Power Loom
replaced weaving by hand with the machine
Cotton Gin
allowed faster separation of seeds from cotton, thereby increasing the amount of cotton available to the US
First Economically Significant Steam Engine
used in coal mines to pump water
Reduction of coal to coke
stimulated the production of iron
Puddling Process
stirring the molten ore for purer iron, followed by the rolling mill that allowed sheet iron to be produced
Siemens-Martin Technique
used an open hearth furnace for the production of steel
Macadam Roads
built after 1815 using crushed rock to provide for hardsurfaced roads