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what part of the teen brain develops last?
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schools are the _________most likely place for a mass shootingfourthwhat type of shooter is often motivated by revengerampagerampage shooters are usually from ____________ familiesmiddle classtrue or false: school shooters usually reveal they are suicidal of homicidal beforehand.truein at least 59% a __________________ (like a break up) took place hours or days beforeprecipitating event______________% of school shooters commit suicide9true or false: no school shooters have ever displayed remorsefalse______________% of school shooters have a history of alcohol or substance abuse62____________________ have lowest suicide ratesblack femalesin 2013 boys completed suicide _______x's more than girls3identify 5 fixed risk factorsmales, previous attempts, history of adopting, family history with suicide or suicide attemptsidentify 3 immediate risk factorsagitation, intoxication, recent stressful life eventidentify 8 social environmental risk facotrsbullying, parent child relationships, living outside the home, difficulties in school, neither working or attending school, social isolation, stressful events, unsupportive social environmentidentify 4 protective factorsreligious environment, connection between adolescent and parent, connection between adolescent and peers, connection between adolescent and schoolvideo game and internet usage exceeding _________ hours is associated with higher levels of __________ and ____________ in adolescents5; depression; suicide behaviorsdrugs overload the body with ___________-dopamineadolescent heavy drinkers exhibit decrements in ______ attention, speeded info processing, and ___________ functioningmemory; executiveadolescents who smoke MJ perform __________on performance tests of learninglowersubstance abuse affects teen brain development by reducing the ability to experience ___________pleasurea distinctive period of development sandwiched between adolescence and young adulthood:emerging adulthoodtrue or false: part of the purpose of emerging adulthood is extended role explorationtrueaccording to Arnett finding out what you like, what you can do, what is available is called____________instabilitytrue or false: Arnett said 'feeling in between' is a normal stage for emerging adulthoodtrueleading cause of death for 15-24 years old is ____________accidents___________% of the 18-24 year old are over weight or obese40mechanism that causes body to produce less energy and burn fewer calories when dieting:_____________adaptive thermogenesis5 things contribute to going off dietsfamily celebrations, watching tv, arguments, tension at work, depression and anxietyin 2013 college and non college students had used _______ more than any other substancealcoholat least _________% of sexually active young adults contract HPV which can cause cervical cancer50the definition of rape differs from state to state but in general indicates lack of ___________consent90% of rapes are committed by ______________acquaintances4 benefits of going to collegeencourages cognitive development, introduces diversity, provides opportunity for encountering different people, encourage empathy and tolerance towards othersmaking money is an example of an __________ rewardextrinsicself fulfillment is an example of an _________ rewardintrinsicEricksons stage for young adulthood is called _____________intimacy vs isolationintegrating ones values and beliefs with those of parents and society is called ___________individuationDaniel levinsons 4 season's includedevelopment of relationships, child rearing, establish and develop a career, coming to terms with success and failuresevolutionary psychologists say men are unknowingly more attracted to women when?she's ovulatingtraits of attractiveness with universal appealcleanliness, good complexion, clean eyes, good teeth, good hair, firm muscle tone, steady gateattraction similarity hypothesis statesdevelop relationships with people who are similar to yourself__________________________ often determine the categories of people with which a seek mateslike matting likebest ages to get married28-32divorce increases _________ and _________ this age rangebefore and afterindividuals who marry for the first time in late 30's have 17% of higher chance of __________divorcemarital satisfaction greatly impacts ones ________________mental wellness________________ is the one trait most strongly connected to marital satisfactionintimacyhaving kids correlated with marital __________unhappinesswho suffers the most in divorcechildren