20 terms

Vocab List #5 11th

adjure (v)
to command solemnly as if under oath
boorish (adj)
offensive; lacking manners, civility, or consideration
chagrin (n)
the emotion of humiliation or embarrasment
efflorescent (adj)
eke (v)
to supplement through adversity
gormandize (v)
to eat in a greedy, ravenous manner
graft (n)
the unscrupulous use of rank or formal post for personal gain
hallow (v)
to establish as holy
imperious (adj)
haughty; urgent
lissome (adj)
supple; flexible; easily bent
lustrous (adj)
radiant; shining
miscegenation (n)
interbreeding between members of different racial groups
paragon (n)
a peerless model or pattern of perfection
propound (v)
to set forth
refurbish (v)
to renovate or repair
satiate (v)
satisfy beyond reasonable expectation
theocentric (adj)
placing God at the center of a system of beliefs
tort (n)
in law, a civil misdeed requiring compensation
undulate (v)
move in a wavelike motion
vivacious (adj)
spirited; excited