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lab 14 15 and 16


The smallest unit of matter

Atomic Theory

The idea that matter is composed of atoms


A system of philosophy that dealt with the mystery of life and the formation of inanimate substances.


The study of matter and its composition


the first person to theorize about atoms


The separation of a substance to determine its composition

Blue Vitriol


Bulk Matter

Visible Matter


The new substances involves in a chemical reaction


Any substances involved in a chemical reaction


A compound that can be broken down into smaller parts


Combining of parts of elements to form a compound.

Word Equation

Words represent the chemicals in a chemical equation.

Chemical Equation

A symbolic representation of a chemical reaction using chemical formulas.


Any number of substances that makes up a chemical system.

Conservation of Mass

In a chemical reaction, mass is neither created nor destroyed, in it conserved.

Constant Properties

Pure substances have fixes dimensions.

Definite Properties

Number of products in a chemical reaction equals the number of reactants.


When one or more things change into new substances

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