Parts Of A Plant Cell

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The chemical structure of genes which control inheritance
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DNA is an abbreviation for _________ acid.DeoxyribonucleicThe number of chromosomes within each species of plant or animal:is constantThe transfer of information from the nucleus to organelles is accomplished by:ribonucleic acidWhich statements correctly refer to the organic protoplasm:- the chemicals of the protoplasm are synthesized within the cell - the instructions for synthesizing protoplasm come from DNAThe microscopic assembly units or subsystems suspended in cytoplasm are generally calledorganellesThe known operational complexities of a cell make the phrase "__________" obsolete and misleading.simple cellThe basic food produced by a plant is:produced by chloroplastsA chloroplast consists solely of a football shaped container of chlorophyll.FalseATP is a:- product of decomposition of starch - chemical associated with mitochondria - a form of chemical energyThe total energy production of a mitochondrion is enhanced by:the large internal surface areaThe construction of the cell walls of all plants is similar.FalseWhat cell part is described below? - The organic materials between the membrane and nucleus, which contains a variety of tiny bodies, or organelles.cytoplasmWhat cell part is described below? - Rod-shaped structures scattered throughout the cytoplasm that are involved with energy release.mitochondriaWhat cell part is described below? - Flattened membrane sacs and tubes that are believed to be centers for collecting and packaging cell structures and enzymes.Golgi bodiesWhat cell part is described below? - A concentration of the nucleic acid RNA, which is important in carrying chemical messages to other bodies in the cytoplasm.nucleolusWhat cell part is described below? - The cell headquarters and inheritance; controls and orders the activities of the cell.nucleusWhat cell part is described below? - A feature of plants that gives shape and texture and provides support.cell wallWhat cell part is described below? - A system of membranes that appears to be a factory for life processes and a cell communication system for chemical messages.endoplasmic reticulumWhat cell part is described below? - Major segments of DNA during cell division.chromosomesWhat cell part is described below? - Green, football-shaped plastids that carry out the life-support system of photosynthesis.chloroplast