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Barrier Island

Dynamic system
constantly changing; Littoral Drift/Longshore Sand Transport
Importance of Barrier Islands
1) Defend shore by reducing energy
2) Economic - Tourism/vacation homes
Sand make up
1) Northwest side - Quartz
2) Eastern side - Calcium carbonate (CoCO3)
A) area of high energy from wind and wave action
B) no plant life with few organisms
-Surf zone-always wet, wavy
-Intertidal zone-area between high and low tide
-Wrack line-line of debris at the high tide
Coquina Surf Clam
Donax variabilis (Intertidal zone)
Sea Oats
Uniola paniculata (Foredune/Primary Dune)
Bitter Panicum
Panicum amarum (Primary Dune/Early Secondary Dunes)
Hydrocotyle bonariensis (Primary Dune/Early Secondary Dunes)
Salt Meadow Hay; Marsh-Hay Cord Grass
Spartina patens (2ary)
*Gulf Bluestem; Coastal Bluestem
Schizachyrium maritimum (2ary)
*Woody Goldenrod
Chrysoma pauciflosculosa (2ary)
Sand live Oak
Quercus geminata (2ary)
*Florida Beach Rosemary
Ceratiola ericoides (2ary)
*False Rosemary
Conradina canescens (2ary)
*Santa Rosa Beach Mouse (Old Beach Mouse subspecies)
Peromyscus polionotus leucocephalis (2ary)
*Needlepod rush
Juncus scripoides (Freshwater Swells)
Saw Palmetto
Serenoa repens (Maritime Forest)
*Slash pine
Pinus elliotti (Maritime Forest)