PSY 451 Exam 4

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symptom check-list/self-reportrate own behaviorcomprehensive self-reportused for planning treatment and for consultation; honesty; self-reflectionperformance-based/projectivemight take out some of the issues of self-reporttraditional interviewinterviewer pursues different areas of inquiry about each candidatestructured interviewstandardized, with the same questions asked of each candidateperformance testwork sample; broad range of assessment that require the test taker to perform one or more jobspersonality inventoriesmeasure enduring constructs [personality traits]integrity testingpolygraphcognitive testsassessments that measure the test taker's mental capabilitiesvaliditymeta-analysishigh-fidelityreplicate job settings as realistically as possiblelow-fidelitysimulate the task using a written, verbal, or visual descriptionmeta-analysiso a statistical technique that accumulates the results of multiple studies on comparable or similar constructs into a single result o The idea is that by combining the results of multiple studies into a single, larger analysis, one can reduce the impact that statistical artifacts have on the results