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presenter leur billet

to present your ticket

enregistrer leurs bagages

to check baggages


to get


to board (airplane)

attacher leur ceinture de securite

to fasten your seatbelt


to get off the plane

passer par la douane

to pass through customs


to take off


to land

Composter le billet

to punch the ticket

monter dans le train

to get on the train

descendre du train

to get off the train

rater le train

to miss the train

prendre le prochain train

to take the next train

attendre le train suivant

to wait for the next train


train cars



le comptoir

the counter

le controle de securite

the security check

les horaires

the schedules

la salle d'attente

the waiting room

l'hotesse de l'air

the stewardess

le steward

the steward

le pilote

the pilot

la porte

the door/gate

un douanier

a customs officer

la livraison des bagages

the baggage claim

la douane

(the) customs

la sortie

the exit

le guichet

the ticket booth

la consigne

the baggage check (store stuff)

le tableau d'affichage

the schedule board (train)

le composteur

the ticket-punching machine

le quai

the platform

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