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The low floor of a house.


The first floor of a house

central heating

Hot water in radiators around your house


A cabinet with shelves for cups, plates, glasses.


A special place in the room where you can make a fire


A long piece of wood or glass that is fixed to a wall for books.


Floor covering made from heavy textile


Floor covering in smaller size made from heavy textile


A kitchen equipment on which food is cooked

estate agent

Someone who buys and sells houses, flats and lands


There are ______ "Túró Rudis" in the fridge. I don't know how many exactly.


Are there ______ apples at home?

aren't any

There _______ eggs, so we can't make pancakes.


To use a car, flat etc. for a fixed time for some money.


Items in a room, like sofa, chair, desk etc

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