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agricultural waste

waste from the raising of animals and harvesting and processing of crops and trees


the process of harnessing the natural process of decomposition to transform organic materials into compost, a husmuslike material with many environmental benefits


method of disposing of solid waste by burning

industrial solid waste

a wide variety of materials such as demolition waste, foundry sand, scraps from manufactoring processes, sludge, ash from combustion, and other similar materials produced by industry


contaminent-laden water that flows from landfills or other contaminated sites

mass burn

a methid of incineration of solid waste in which material is fed into a furnace on movable metal grates

mining waste

waste from the processing of rock from mining operations. it includes solid materials that are typically dumped on the land near the milling site and liquid wastes typically stored in ponds

municipal solid waste

all the waste produced by the residents of a community

muncipal solid waste landfill

a waste storage site constructed above impermeable clay layer that is lined with an impermeable membrane and includes mechanisms for dealing with liquid and gas materials generated by the contents of the landfill


the process of reclaiming a resource and reusing it for another or the same structure or person

solid waste

unwanted objects or particles that accumulate on the site where they are produced

source reduction

reducing the amount of solid waste generated by using less, or converting from heavy packaging materials to lightweight ones

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