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mercantile, naval

At the time, England was becoming a great ______ and ______ power.


England was also becoming a more ______ nation, stepping away from medieval and religion.


There was a move towards ______, where people are individuals.

Spanish armada

In 1588, Britain defeated the ______.


There were about ______ people in London.


The influence of ancient Roman ______'s plays led to an obsession with revenge, the supernatural, and violence.

Terence, Platus

Shakespeare drew comedic influence from ______ and ______ as well.


Plays were originally written in ______.


______ were a popular dramatic technique.


There were plenty of ______ in Elizabethan drama.

tragedies, comedies

______ had more noble characters, while ______ had poorer ones.


An ______ is a brief comic skit.

school, boys

In addition to interludes, there were also ______ drama and ______ acting companies.

university wits

______ wrote for boys companies.

Henry VIII

In 1532, ______ divorced his wife, Catherine of Aragon, and became Protestant.

public gatherings, religious

______ were banned, as well as plays w/______ content.

licenses, noblemen

Queen Elizabeth granted ______ to ______ who supported actors.

master of revels

The plays had to be approved by the ______.


______ theaters were half indoors, half out.


______ theaters were closed.


______ stood in a pit, and it cost a penny.


______ seats cost 2 pennies.

blank, iambic pentameter

Plays were written in ______ verse, which used ______.

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