12 terms

Year 7 Separating Mixtures

by Mr. E. Hung 2014
Separating a mixture by rotating the container quickly. The heavier parts of the mixture move to the outside of the spinning container.
A separation technique that uses evaporation to separate the parts of a solution. The solvent evaporates and leaves behind the solute as crystals.
Pouring liquid off the top when sediment has settled to the bottom of the container.
A separation technique that uses evaporation to separate substances. The mixture is heated so that one substance evaporates. The vapour is collected and condenses into a liquid.
Liquid that has passed through the filter paper in a funnel.
The process of separating supended particles from liquid through a filter.
Paper Chromatography
Method of separating a mixture of different colours. The liquid soaks through the paper and carries the mixture with it.
Pure Substance
A substance that is not a mixture, consisting of only 1 kind of chemical.
The material remaining as a solid on a filter paper after a liquid passes through the filter paper.
Separating particles of different sizes by allowing the smaller particles to fall through holes in a container or a sieve.
An impure substance consisting of 2 or more different chemicals mixed together; they can be separated by physical methods.
Magnetic separation
A type of separating mixture by using a magnet; anything made of iron, cobalt and nickel will be separated out.