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third quarter 9th grade biology test over bacteria and viruses.

binary fission

a type of asexual reproduction that replicates its DNA and divides in half, producing two identical cells


a process when prokaryotes exchange genetic information


a thick internal wall that encloses the DNA and a portion of the cytoplasm

cell division

process by which a cell divides into two new daughter cells


organism that breaks down and obtains energy from dead organic matter

nitrogen fixers

prokaryotes that convert nitrogen gas into ammonia. the ammonium is then converted into nitrates that plants can use


knobs on the root of plants


organisms that produce food and biomass


organism that relies on other organisms for its energy and food supply


viruses that infect bacteria


the protein coat surrounding a virus


microorganisms, viruses and prokaryotes, that cause disease


protein infectious particles

emerging disease

an unknown disease that appears in a population for the first time or a well-known disease that suddenly becomes harder to control


bacterial disease that is resistant to whole groups of antibiotics


a number of drugs that can be used to attack a bacterial infection

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