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Hydrocarbons containing sp hybridized C atoms are _____
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Which of the following is NOT a major industrial chemical?ozoneWhich of the following is the best source of elemental nitrogen?Liquid AirThe major industrial application of nitrogen is the synthesis ofAmmoniaBuckminsterfullerine is an allotrope ofCarbonCovalent bonds with bridging hydrogens are found inBoranesThe most abundant minerals in the earth's crust areSilicatesAn econmoically useful source of a metal is called anOreWhich of the following metals might exist unreacted in nature?GoldWhich of the following is NOT an alloyCopperWhich of the following is NOT a characteristic of transition metals?High electronegativityThe electron donating species in coordination compounds are calledLigandsMirror images which are not superimposeable are ________ isomersopticalA cyclic ring structure formed by binding of a polydentate ligand is a ________ChelateA tetrahedral coordination compound has a coordination number of4Organic compounds are defined as those in which the major element is_____CarbonCyclic planar organic compounds with alternating single and double bonds areAromaticsWhich of the following organic compounds are saturated?AlkanesAn alkane with four C atoms would be named _______ButaneEsters are formed by reaction of carboxylic acids with _____AlcoholsPolypeptides are _______ProteinsWhich of the following is not a useful human food source?CelluloseoWhich of the following are NOT found in nucleic acids?Amino acidWhat are soaps are made fromTriglyceridesWhich of the following is NOT an essential element for humans?TelluriumOrganic compounds are those in which the major element is _____CarbonOrganic compounds with planar rings and sp2 hybridization areAromaticsMost hydrocarbon compounds are obtained fromPetroleumHydrocarbons are only sp3 hybridized C atoms are ______Alkanes (saturated)An alkane with six C atoms would be aHexaneDifferent compounds with the same chemical formula are calledIsomersProteins are _____PolypeptidesEnzymes are _____proteinsWhich of the following are not found in nucleic acids?Amino AcidSugars are classified asCarbohydratesLoss of structure by a protein is calledDenaturationWhich of the following is not a transition metal?MgWhich of the following is a characteristic of nonmetals?Good insulatorsWhich of the following is NOT a common ligandAmmoniaCis- and trans- isomers are examples of ______ isomersGeometricMirror images from _______ isomersOpticalA cyclic ring structure formed by a polydentate ligand is aChelateA square planar complex has a coordination number of4Active metals must be reduced byElectrolysisWhich of the following is NOT an alloy?ironThe most abundant elements in the earth's crust areO and SiLiquid air is the source of mostNitrogenThe most abundant elements in the universe areH and HeWhich of the following is NOT paramagneticHydrogen gasWhich of the following exists as a monoatomic gas?HeliumWhich of the following is NOT an allotrope of C?Carbon monoxideMost nitrogen is used in the synthesis of ______AmmoniaThe most important industrial chemical (quantity) is ____Sulfuric AcidThe least unreactive noble gas is ______XenonThe most electronegative halogen is _____FluorineWhich of the following is a toxic pollutant?OzoneWhich halogen is a liquid is a liquid in its elemental state?BromineThe Frasch Process is associated with the elementSulfurWhich of the following can form compounds with bridging H atoms?Boron