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  1. indifferent
  2. stratagem
  3. tetanus
  4. extenuating
  5. tremulous
  1. a an acute infectious disease characterized by tonic spasm of voluntary muscles especially of the jaw and caused by an exotoxin of a bacterium
  2. b a trick
  3. c without interest or concern
  4. d trembling
  5. e lessening the seriousness of an offense

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  1. unintelligible; inconceivable
  2. excessive, unnecessary
  3. depressed in spirits
  4. done secretly
  5. a deviation from what is typical

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  1. rationsa fixed allowance of provisions or food


  2. maliciousnot easy to please


  3. onslaughta violent, sudden attack


  4. ediblefit to be eaten


  5. billeta daggerlike steel weapon that is attached to or at the muzzle of a gun and used for stabbing or slashing in hand-to-hand combat.