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In The Saga of Hrolf Kraki and his Champions, which of the following people is described as "a great troll"?
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In Beowulf, how many people does Grendel's mother kill?oneIn Beowulf, Why does Grendel's mother not kill Beowulf when she attacks Heorot?He is already armed and ready to defend himself.The Geats of Beowulf and the Gauts of Hrolf's Saga are also known in history as the...GothsAccording to the description in the poem of Beowulf, what does Grendel look like?His appearance is barely described beyond the fact that he has glowing eyes.In Beowulf, the narrator says that few people mourned Grendel's death. This is an example of ____, a common literary trope in Old English and Old Norse literature.understatement.Lines 18-23 of Beowulf read: A soldierly son should strive in his youth to do great deeds, give generous gifts, and defend his father. Then, in old age, when strife besets him, his comrades will stand and his folk follow him. Through fair dealing a prince shall prosper in any kingdom. This passage is an example of ___________.a "so shall" statementThe narrator of Beowulf credits Beowulf's armor and God's will with saving Beowulf's life when Grendel's mother tried to stab him in the chest. Either explanation would be a sufficient cause for the effect. In other words, the armor by itself would be enough to save Beowulf's life without needing God's intervention. On the other hand, God's intervention would also be enough to save Beowulf's life without need for the armor. This attribution of an effect to two sufficient causes is called...overdeterminationAs Beowulf dies, he says he is glad that he cannot be accused of ___, the most serious sin specifically named in the whole poemworshiping pagan gods.In Grettir's Saga, who is Glam?A large Swedish shepherd who dies mysteriously and returns as a monster.In Grettir's Saga, during what time of year do all of the monster fights happen? (Hint: It's the same time of year as the monster fights in The Saga of Hrolf Kraki)vernal equinoxWhat is the main conflict that unites the three cantos of The Song of the Cid?El Cid's loyalty to his king and his loyalty to his family come into conflict when the king wants to give his daughters in marriage to the Carrión nobles.In the end of The Song of the Cid, what happens to El Cid's swords, Colada and Tizon?They are taken back from the Carrion nobles, Fernando and Diego, and given to El Cid's trusted soldiers, Pedro Bermudez and Martin Antolinez, who use them to defeat the Carrions in trial by combatWhich of the following is one of El Cid's proximate (not ultimate) goals?To reconcile himself with King Alfonso by winning victories on his behalf and sending treasure back to Castille.If we presume that the character of Abengalbon, the Moorish king of Molina in The Song of the Cid, is going to be hostile toward Christians because he is Muslim, we are thinking by ...essentialismIn Canto 2 of The Song of the Cid, how does King Alfonso respond when he finds out that El Cid has captured the Moorish city of Valencia?He is jealous because he wanted to capture Valencia on his own.In the region of Spain known as Al Andalus, who did NOT have any freedom to practice their religion?MuslimsIn Cantos 1 & 2 of The Song of the Cid, how does El Cid treat King Alfonso after Alfonso has him exiled?As a sign of his continuing loyalty, he sends the king Moorish horses that he captured in battle.Which of the following peoples did NOT settle in Spain at some point in history (that we know of)?HunsWhat does the narrator of The Song of the Cid tell us about the lords of Carrión who will marry El Cid's daughters?They despise El Cid, but they are scheming to marry his daughters so they can take his wealth.In Canto 2 of The Song of the Cid, why does El Cid give his daughters in marriage to Diego and Fernando, lords of Carrión?King Alfonso asks him to do so.What is the difference between Britain and England?Britain was the name of the whole island before the Anglo-Saxon invasion. "England "refers specifically to the area settled by Anglo-Saxons who invaded Britain beginning around the year 450.Who was the historical King Arthur?It is impossible to pinpoint any individual historical figure as the original King Arthur.Nearly all of the narrative elements we conventionally associate with King Arthur are present in Sir Thomas Malory's 1470 work, Le Morte D'Arthur. Malory's sources were...exclusively Welsh works like the MabinogionThe Round Table, the sword in the stone, Lancelot, chivalry, courtly love, and the quest for the Holy Grail were all added to the Arthurian the Early Middle Ages (c. 500-1000 CE)At the beginning of Morien, why do Gawain and Lancelot ride out from Arthur's court?They are looking for Perceval, who has been missing.Why has Morien come to Arthur's realm?He wants his father to return with him to Africa and marry his mother.Why did Morien's father leave his mother?He heard that Lancelot had gone missing, and he had already sworn to help him in such a situationAt the end of Morien, who leads an invasion into Arthur's realm?The king of IrelandWho is Morien's father?Sir AglovalAt the beginning of Morien, why does the narrator disagree with prior sources that claimed Perceval was Morien's father?Perceval turned back before crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, so he never set foot in Africa.In her prologue, Chaucer's Wife of Bath frequently mentions that her last husband hit her on the ear and made her deaf after she tore a page from his book. The last time she tells this story, she adds a new detail that changes our perspective of the incident. What is it?She ripped three pages out of his book and then hit him in the face so hard that she knocked him backward into the fireplace.In the "General Prologue" to The Canterbury Tales, which of the pilgrims is defined by his love for hunting and his boredom at reading books by St. Augustine?the MonkHow many husbands has Alice (Alisoun / Alys), Chaucer's Wife of Bath, had?5In Chaucer's "Wife of Bath's Tale," when the old woman helps the knight solve the queen's riddle, she requires him to marry her. She tells him that she can change her appearance into a young and beautiful woman, but if she does she might not remain loyal to him. What does he tell her?He tells her to choose for herself.Alice (the Wife of Bath) sets her tale in which story tradition?Arthurian romance (stories about King Arthur and his knights)In his Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer describes several of the people traveling to Canterbury. Through his descriptions, Chaucer subtly criticizes some and praises others. Whom does he describe in the following passage? He would rather have had at his bed's head twenty volumes of Aristotle and his philosophy than rich robes... All that he said tended toward moral virtue.the Clerk from OxfordAt the end of Chaucer's "General Prologue," Harry Bailey, the tavern keeper, proposes a contest. What kind of contest?a story-telling competitionIn Chaucer's "The Wife of Bath's Tale," what is the original punishment that the knight faces after he is convicted of rape?He will be exiled for one year.In Chaucer's "Wife of Bath's Prologue," Alice's (Alisoun's / Alys') husband, Jankin (the younger man who hit her and caused her to become deaf) had a favorite book of stories from history, classical literature, and the Bible. What kinds of stories did this book contain?Stories about wicked women who cause trouble for men.In his "General Prologue" to The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer describes several of the people traveling to Canterbury. Through his descriptions, Chaucer subtly criticizes some and praises others. Whom does he describe in the following passage? [He] would give to his poor parishioners out of the church alms and also of his own substance; in little he found sufficiency. ... not even for thunder or rain did he neglect to visit the farthest, great or small, in sickness or misfortune, going on foot, a staff in his hand.the ParsonWhy does the King of Britain kill Feng's two retainers that accompanied Amleth to Britain?Amleth intercepted Feng's message carved in runes on a piece of wood. He scraped Feng's message off and reinscribed it to appear that Feng wanted the two men, rather than Amleth, killed.Who is Horwendil (also spelled Orvendil)?Amleth's father, who has been killed by his own brother.One of the things that Amleth does to act crazy is carve hooked sticks (sometimes translated as "crooks"). When asked, he says that they are javelins that he will use to avenge his father. What does he actually do with them?He uses them to trap Feng's men in tapestries before setting the hall on fire.After the Romans abandoned Britain in the 5th century (400s), Britain was invaded by peoples from this part of the world. People from this part of the world would continue to invade and rule over most of the island of Britain for six more centuries.Denmark and ScandinaviaIn Germanic literature, a poet will often refer to a familiar object with a metaphor or allusion. For example, the poet Snaebjorn described sand on the beach as "Amleth's flour," alluding to Amleth's metaphor about the sand being ground down from islands by the mill of the sea. This kind of figure of speech, in Old Norse and Old English literature is called a...kenningWhom does Saxo describe in this quotation? "He did not want people to think he was lying about any matter, and wished to be held a stranger to falsehood; and accordingly he mingled craft and candor in such wise that, though his words were true, yet there was nothing to give away that truth or reveal his intelligence."AmlethIn his History of the Danes, Saxo tells the stories of Norse gods as if they were historical human beings with supernatural powers rather than gods in the conventional sense. This way of demythologizing mythology is called...euhemerismWhy does Amleth's foster-brother attach a straw to the back of a gadfly?To warn Amleth that Feng's men were trying to trap him.Who is Hermutrude (also translated as Herminthrud)?The queen of Scotland and Amleth's second wifeThis group of people invaded the city of Rome in the year 410, effectively ending the Roman Empire in western Europe. Though they lived in eastern Europe at that time, their ancestors came from Scandinavia.the Visigoths (aka Western Goths)Why doesn't Hamlet kill King Claudius immediately after the ghost of his father reveals that Claudius killed him?Hamlet believes that the ghost might be a devil in disguise that is tempting him to sin.Hamlet's dialogue reveals his own schema of how human action impacts events in the world. His schema is best characterized as...a belief that Fortune will intervene, no matter what people do.Laertes, Fortinbras, Ophelia, and Pyrrhus are all...foils to Hamlet, because their fathers were killed, and they must decide how to deal with it.Which of the following plot elements from Saxo's story of Amleth is NOT also true in Shakespeare's Hamlet?A spy for the king is killed when he is caught spying on Amleth (Hamlet) and Gerutha (Gertrude).At the end of Shakespeare's Hamlet, who survives to tell Hamlet's story?HoratioWhy does Laertes kill Hamlet?Hamlet killed Laertes' father, Polonius.Hamlet's father defeated the old king of Norway and conquered some Norwegian territory. Now, that king's son has raised an army with the intention of invading Denmark and retaking that territory. The son of the dead king of Norway is...FortinbrasIn this type of narration, the narrator tells us how to interpret the characters' thoughts and actions rather than leaving the reader to interpret the characters' own words. Saxo Grammaticus uses it to explain Amleth's tactical madness, but it is not something Shakespeare uses in indirect discourseWhat happens to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?They are killed in England, because Hamlet changed Claudius' message to order their deaths rather than his ownWhen King Claudius asks Hamlet why his disposition is so cloudy, Hamlet responds that he is too much "in the sun." This response has two interpretations, both of which are true, but only one of which will be recognized by Claudius. It could mean (1) that he is actually acting sunnier (happier) that he really feels, or (2) he is not comfortable pretending to be Claudius' son when he is actually Claudius' nephew. This response, typical of Hamlet's character (as it is of his literary predecessor, Amleth), is called...verbal ironyContextknowledge from outside the text that is necessary to interpret.Allusion