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protons, neutron, electrons

three subatomic particles


carries no electrical charge


carries the negative charge


carries the possative charge


the mass of an atom is contained primarily in its

Atomic , neutrons

______mass is determined by the number of protons plus the number of_______


the atomic number is determined by the number of


atoms are electrically _____ because they have the same number protons as electrons

carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen

the principle elements in living things are

four elements that make up over 95 percent of the human body are

carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen


how many elements have been found to occurr in nature


the eighteenth century chemist who proposed that all matter is composed from the same elements

diatomic, atom, element

Many gases exists as a ______ molecule of an ______ or ________


the smallest complete unit of a compound or diatomic gas


a new sunstance formed by the combination of two or more different atoms


path of electrons around an atomic nucleus


a substance consisting of only one type of atom

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