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Lymphatic system worksheet

Recovery from a disease is what type of immunity?
Naturally aquired active immunity
What is genetic immunity?
Due to our genetic make-up. cannot get disease from other species.
What two things do vaccines provide specific for one foreign antigen?
Antibodies and memory cells.
Why is the second exposure for one foreign antigen not as bad as the first?
We have memory cells that prevent the 2nd case.
The labeling of a foreign antigen by antibodies is called what?
What is humoral immunity?
Involves Antibody production and destroys Foreign Antigen
Name the 2 cells that are involved in recognition
macrophage and Helper-T
Where are T-cells produced in the embryo?
Bone Marrow
T-cells that remember a foreign antigen are called what?
Memory T-cells
What are T-cells?
A sub-group of lymphocytes involved in the immune response
In the fetus, this organ is important for the development of the immune system.
Thymus gland
What is theh function of the Adult spleen?
To produce lymphatcytes and monocytes, To contain plasma cells which produce antibodies, store platelets and destroy them when they are no longer useful, phagocytize old RBCs and produce bilirubin.
Name the organs that will take place of the spleen, when removed.
Liver, and Red Bone Marrow
Where is the spleen located?
ULQ of the abdominal cavity
What is the function of the lymph nodules?
To produce lymphocytes and monocytes
Give a general location of the lymph nodules
Beneath the epithelium of all mucous membrances and nearest to enviromental openings.
Water found in lymph vessels is called what?
Tissue fluid that enters the lymph capillaries is called what?
What prevents the back flow of lymph?
name 4 types of immunity
Genetic, aquired, active, and passive
The job of lacteals?
To absorb fat soluble and products of digestion (vitamin A,D,E,K and fatty acids)
Define immunity
Ability to destroy pathogens or other F.A.
What is aggulation?
What is artificially aquired active immunity?
What is the function of the Ige antibody?
Release Hestamine
What is the purpose for vaccines?
to prevent disease
3 diseases vaccines have taken control of
small pox, pertussis, mumps, and polio
Define allergy
Hypersensitivity to Foreign Antigen
Lymphatic vessel that returns Lymph to the rest of the body
Thoracic duct
Lymph nodes and nodules and the splee produce the WBCs called what
Why do plant viruses not cause diease in ppl?
Genetic make-up
The Cyternl Chyli collect lymph from where?
the lower part of the body