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  1. red
  2. meat
  3. ate
  4. lead
  5. blew
  1. a animal flesh used for food or the essential parts of something
  2. b
    the color of ruby
  3. c past tense of eat
  4. d
    past tense of blow
  5. e
    to show the way or a soft gray metallic element

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  1. past tense of ride

  2. easily seen or heard or not decorated
  3. belonging to us

  4. a mammal with hoofs

  5. past tense of row

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  1. blue
    past tense of blow


  2. hourbelonging to us


  3. knowto deny or refuse
    can't or won't


  4. read
    understanding the mean of print


  5. road
    a way between places