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  1. hear
  2. deer
  3. led
  4. rode
  5. know
  1. a
    past tense of lead
  2. b
    a mammal with hoofs
  3. c
    take in sounds through the ear
  4. d have knowledge or be skilled
  5. e past tense of ride

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  1. easily seen or heard or not decorated
  2. animal flesh used for food or the essential parts of something
  3. be aware of by using the eyes
  4. one more than 7

  5. a flat or level surface or machine that flies

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  1. blue
    color of the sky


  2. blew
    past tense of blow


  3. lead
    to show the way or a soft gray metallic element


  4. road
    understanding the mean of print


  5. seabody of salt water that covers the earth