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  1. Name six dance styles from the Baroque Period.
  2. These two composers were born in the same year.
  3. Handel's home country is?
  4. What was Vivaldi's occupation before he became a musician.
  5. Name three occupations of Johann Sebastian Bach.
  6. Bach's home country is?

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  1. ruffles; stockings; wigs; velvet; fancy dressesFive things that were worn during the Baroque Period are?


  2. Mass in B Minor; Toccata and Fugue; Air on a G StringName three composers from the Baroque Period that we learned about in music class.


  3. The Four SeasonsHandel's home country is?


  4. HandelWhat Baroque composer wrote the famous work Messiah.


  5. one monthHandel's home country is?


  6. oboe; organ; clavierThese two composers were born in the same year.